How to Make Lambrequins

Lambrequins – ideal for small Windows

Home furnishings are the accessories of the living world. Includes bed linen, carpets or covers. You will find a variety of Curtains blinds and pleats or Dimmings an attractive as varied assortment of Lambrequins in the online shop of bridgat. This type of curtain is directly attached to the window pane on a pole – as the name suggests -. The trend pieces are suitable especially for small window in bathroom and kitchen. The big advantage: The curtain is not pushed aside when the window is opened. Our interior brand bpc living and the bpc living bridgat collection present pretty Lambrequins in neutral colors such as white or beige, splashes of color such as red, blue or green or black brown or grey.

The versatile forms of Lambrequins – for every room suitable

The Lambrequins are available in many variations. Envelope gate usually consist of two or three items and enchant by their look, which resembles an envelope with a corner in the middle. Short stores cover only a small part of the window and serve first and foremost as a privacy screen on the ground floor. This variation is also available as a two-part set. A very refined kind of window curtain is the disc Earrings: the two-part must-have can be opened like a door. The tier provides also very appealing effects. This loose hanging fabric line is characterized by a pattern, which is achieved through a special Web – and knitting technique. You decide for which variation of Lambrequins significantly depends on designing your rooms. Especially bathrooms and kitchens are often very simple by the dominance of white. Here comes an extraordinary Scheibengardine particularly well. Especially in the bath, the room you enter as first – cheerful motifs make for good mood. The range of beautiful flower arrangements via Sprint’s landscape to abstract patterns. If you maintain a romantic country house style in the kitchen, you will find delicate Lambrequins with pretty hole patterns or elaborate cut-outs. The window curtains in various materials also available as with other curtains. With the transparent creations, the rooms remain pretty bright. Densely woven fabrics are a good privacy. Material mixes give rooms a very special note.


Numerous customer reviews help in finding

, The easy sorting capabilities in the online shop of bridgat allow a targeted search or an inspiring Browse. Whether your style is casual, elegant, modern or minimalist: In the rich assortment of Lambrequins of bridgat, you will discover your favorite curtain. Extensive customer feedback complement the appealing presentation of the article.