How to Make Blue Eyes Pop with Makeup?

What Gisele Bundchen, Megan Fox and Taylor Swift have in common? Besides being famous, all three have blue eyes, a desire of many men and women who would like the color of his eyes was.

The blue eyes are genetic results, which depend on the father’s genes and the individual mother and that occur because of the amount of iris pigment. Blue eyes are more common in people with European ancestry, as in the case of the Nordic. People who have clear eyes, including blue, may have a condition called heterochromia, which is the fact that the eye has one or more “spots” of other colors in the eyes.

Although the color of your eyes is not something mutable, you need not be regretting their genes have not given him a pair of clear eyes. You can use some tricks to get a blue eye – or almost .

Make up

The makeup used in the right way, it’s a great gimmick to get you closer to something that you want to have, aesthetically speaking. Obviously you can not color your iris, but it can give you the idea of ​​the blue eye using artifices of makeup.

– Shadow

For literally a blue eye, choose a blue shade – can be metallic, dark, bright or flickering. Choose the tone that has more to do with you, your personality and your skin tone. Tanned skin look great with sparkling and metallic tones, while lighter and yellow skins do well with more closed tones, cold and dull blue shade.

For a more understated look, yet striking, start applying primer shadow across the eyelid and use a lighter shade of blue at the inner corner of your eyes to light. In the center of the eyelid, apply a darker shade. After, take a brush to blend and apply dark brown on the outside corner, making a V lying. Esfume with the brush to achieve a smooth transition of colors. You can substitute brown by black for a more dramatic look. Finish with false eyelashes delineated and is ensuring a more visual flashy.

For a less obvious look, apply light blue shadow across the eyelid and use dark blue to the smoky, leaving brown or black base. A surprising and playful air look you get using a blue shade to the eyelid half, completing the outer corner with shadow water green or even purple. If you prefer, use the purple shadow to the smoky and get the real look of fairy.

– Eyeliner

If, on the other hand, you want a less elaborate visual and yet fun and colorful, opt for a colored eyeliner in blue tone. If you can not find or do not want to spend money on a specific product, just use a wet beveled brush in your favorite shade of blue, turning it immediately into a different eyeliner.

For the look with blue eyeliner, you can make a single color trace in kitten format or else the bold and different outlined twofold: first, make a dash with black eyeliner, usually. After drying, a blue trace passes with colored liner on top.

– Pencil

If you are in love with eyeliner, blue pencil can be your ally to get a visual unconventional. As with eyeliner if you do not have a color pencil and do not want to buy one, use a beveled brush with wet blue shade.

With the blue eye pencil or brush, make a dash close to the lower lashes, the inner corner to the outer. After, use a fluffy and completely clean brush and a circular motion as if rubbing the dash. This will soften the contour, esfumando and ensuring a visual delicate and colorful. You can also use a lighter pencil inside to the middle of the eye and darker pencil or shadow through to the end, creating a gradient effect.

– Mascara

Many domestic companies has focused on different products and one of them is colored mascara that among other colors, there is blue. If you do not dare, not too much attention, choice of navy blue mascara that will give just a slight touch of color to your lashes. But if you want something really innovative opt for a light blue mascara or lighter, you can use the entire length of the lashes or just the very tips, differentiating his gaze.

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Contact Lenses

If you do not really want to give up on having blue eyes, throw hand colored contact lenses, but it is important to take some precautions like not keep them too long, sanitize them properly and buy from a trusted brand or optical. First of all, consult your ophthalmologist to make sure that the blue contact lens will not do you no harm.

Having blue eyes or not, you can play in all the above tips are to highlight his blue eyes or to get a version inspired and to refer to the tone.