How to Make a Cool Coat for Dogs

Pet clothing is a multi -milion dollar industry that has attracted the likes of Gucci and designer Ralph Lauren. All from the jeweled collars for one of -born dog furniture sleepwear is now available to keep your dog in style. Make a simple coat to keep your dog warm on cold days.

Things You’ll Need:

Scissors (small offcuts) and a pair of scissors
Small buttons
Tape measure
Erasable marking chalk

Measure your dog from the center of the back of his neck to the base of its tail. Pay attention to measurement. Visit the shop for textiles and choose a model for the coat of the dog books model.

Use the table on the back of the envelope pattern. Choose a fabric that require edge finishing or violently. Purchase a sufficient amount of fabric.

Select pieces of model depending on the size of the dog coat. Pin the pieces to the fabric pattern, consider nap of the fabric. Cut out the pattern pieces with scissors. Wind the bobbin with thread matching color. Thread the machine.

Use chalk to indicate where coincide seams, collar attaches etc. Pin pieces of fabric together along the seam lines matched with chalk marks.

Stitch coat dog along the instructions of the model according to the, a professional blog for pet supplies. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each seam. Use small scissors to trim the excess threads.

Trim the seams to 1/4 inch after sewing. Make the most collar clip curves and trim the seams, and then attach it to the dog’s coat. Align chalk marks for correct placement.

Notice the pattern pieces where Velcro positioned on the lower strip of hair of the dog and where it binds to the country. Cut small strips of Velcro. Sew Velcro relevant pieces in place by the hair of the dog.