How to Maintain a Sleeping Bag

From choosing your sleeping bag will depend on your camp fun: if you are cold every night, the camp is less fun if you are warm. We reassure you right away, the super sleeping bag does not necessarily costing a fortune. And often, proper maintenance will make your sleeping bag a faithful companion of many legendary nights!

This article applies to synthetic sleeping bags. The sleeping bag feather is moderately recommended for Scout camps: does not support humidity should not be washed unless certain precautions, and often expensive, and relatively fragile lining (at least that can not bear battles snakes friends in the tent, and it Matters!)

Choose a Sleeping Bag

Two types of sleeping bags

There are two main types of sleeping bags: the bag cover and the sarcophagus bag. They feature two specific forms.The first rectangle with square corners. The second looks like a sarcophagus and follows the contours of your body.

The lightweight sleeping bag has the advantage of being cheap, but the second will be more suited to your practice to scouts:

  • No cold spots in the sarcophagus: the square corners of the bottom of the bag cover is still very cold night.
  • Hood system: often very significant in the sarcophagus when it’s cold.Rarer on the bag cover.

In short, we will not dwell on the bag cover.

Sleeping Bag Sarcophagus Items

All sarcophagus sleeping bags do not offer the same possibilities. Ideally, you should get them all to be comfortable:

  • Zip: in general, there is always one. But ideally, it must be opened from above and from below. It allows to break a little bag the summer when it’s hot. There is a top side also: you can walk in sleeping bag with feet apart. Ah? It serves no purpose?
  • The anti-cold bead: very appreciable winter. It’s kind of small cushion all along the zipper. It prevents cold air from seeping through the closure of the bag.
  • The hood: it allows you to better fight against the cold by warming your head. It must be able to stick with a cord.
  • The collar: kind of small cushion that runs along the top of the bag, so go around the shoulders. It helps to close the sleeping bag without necessarily close the hood. Be careful not to tighten too much because it can hinder you to sleep.
  • The packing more it swells more hot. That is why it is best to place his sleeping bag 30 minutes before bed.There are natural fillings (goose feathers or duck, the goose is more insulating) are the top for warmth, but who fear the moisture and can also cause allergy problems for some. We recommend you a lighter synthetic insulation, and cheaper. It is certainly less efficient, but it is generally sufficient for the camps, even in winter.
  • Sewing: we must be attentive to seams and ensure that it is not the same inside and outside, otherwise you risk having colder. Moreover, these seams will prevent the bag from inflating too, thus isolating you. There bites offset between the inside and outside systems to avoid this concern.

The Announced Temperature

In general, you announced two temperatures for a sleeping bag. Do not count too much on the extreme temperature.That means you cold there, but cold is still tenable. Fies you rather comfortable temperature. Then according to your activities, find the right compromise between the weekends of winter and the summer camp. A warm sleeping bag is top winter but very annoying summer  ! A comfortable temperature around 0 ° C or -5 ° C often a good compromise.

The Interview

This point is very important. A super sleeping bag may lose all its properties by a simple lack or a maintenance error.

  • Scrupulously respect the washing instructions: the fiber is fragile and can not stand the error. Some fillings may require dry cleaning.
  • Do not wash too often: even following the manufacturer’s instructions, it is not better not to clean it after every weekend. The fiber will lose many of its properties. Favors an inner cloth to your bag for less dirty it.
  • Ventilates often: returning from the weekend, do not let it macerate in his bag. The breakdown. In camp, doing a little sunbathing occasionally. It will be more pleasant evening …
  • Do not wallow in his bag: for many sleeping bags, it is a mistake to roll. Indeed, you bend the fiber still in the same place, which ultimately the abyss. It is better to put the sleeping bag into a ball in its storage bag that fiber may not be folded in one place. For once it is permitted to store in a ball, enjoy  ! Home, you take it out of its storage bag, or at least, you release the straps of the compression bag that keeps its swelling.

The Sleeping Bag

It is ultra practical accessory with the sleeping bag. This is a sheet of cotton or silk, sewn, that fits into the sleeping bag. It is not worth very expensive at stores like Decathlon.
It has several advantages:

  • It absorbs sweat and can be washed at will, avoiding wash the sleeping bag and thus avoids damaging it.
  • It is much nicer than modern materials sleeping bags.
  • In summer when it’s hot, it opens wide the sleeping bag and sleeping only in his cloth, super nice !
  • In winter, it saves a few degrees of heat.There are even polar Version (more expensive, hard to find, rather the Old Camper), which in winter is a real asset!