How to Fish for Mullet

How to know the professional fishermen or those who are more or less passionate or even fishing in the oceans, not just in the seas, rivers and lakes, the mullet is a fish belonging to the order of the Perciformes (or Acanthopteri) of salt water. In circulation there are eighty different species of this fish, divided into six genera. The best known in the world are the mullet mullus barbatus and those from rock, very famous and equally considered in most countries, especially for the quality of their meats. For those who intend to try fishing a mullet at a port, but does not know exactly the steps with which to proceed, simply read all the tips contained within this simple but comprehensive guide. We guarantee that draw a mullet in port it is a pretty nice pastime, able to entertain a lot. Of course, you must follow certain guidelines. At this point we can go to the practice of this procedure and see how to proceed in detail.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Fishing rod at least “3m”
  • 2000 reel
  • Strand nylon “0.16mm”
  • Leads to olive “5-10g” and with drill through
  • Ami number 16
  • Rubber bumpers
  • Fishing lure for freshwater from Andrewfishing
  • Microgirella number 18
  • “50cm” of fluorocarbon by 0.10mm “
  • Korean or American worms

Before proceeding with the operations, it is imperative that fishing of each species of mullet should be made compulsory through the use of frames light enough, given the moderate tonnage in the fish. Also, you should try drawing it on the bottom of the ocean or sea, or near the bottom, since the mullet are so-called graphics to match. Ultimately, this term indicates that this species of fish try to feed themselves in the sand.

To begin the actual fishing, you must buy a fishing rod, as much as possible light and maneuverable, the length of at least “3m” and directly mounted in Bologna. In addition, you should regularly check that the rings are mounted in an effective manner. Among the many aspects that must be taken into account is that this fishing tool needs to be sensitive to the summit and must have a range of launch between “2g” and “15g”. As a mechanical device, instead, we recommend, without any doubt, using a 2000 reel. This tool should be loaded using a reel of nylon cord from “0.16mm.” However, with regard to the frame, you will need to purchase of small weights to oliva, with a weight between the “5g” and the “10g”, with a hole.

At this point, simply insert a lead to oliva on the mainline, stopping him with a rubber bumper, and one microgirella number 18. To wrap it all up, you should know that as a terminal, it is necessary to go to use a piece of “50cm” of fluorocarbon by 0.10mm “,” to be mounted a love number 16. Instead, as far as the bait, you must go to use so called worms Koreans or the Americans, both cut into small pieces. Once we have provided all these useful information, you can finally cast the line, then retrieve it to smear on the bottom of the sea or ocean, and try to catch as many fish as possible. With all the signs and the advice that we have given you, so we are sure that you will get very good results, having fun enough. We start from the premise that a fishing expert knows all the information contained in this tutorial. So, our goal is to entertain those who present less familiar with fishing for mullet.