How to Dress a Plus Size Woman

All women love fashion even if the world of the fashion system, sometimes, imposes aesthetic a bit ‘too strict and above all a long way from large sizes. Many brands or brand come up to size 46 and even when the card appears the word size 48, it is said that the boss is really suitable for a woman with these forms. What must then these women to dress in fashion way? Resign themselves to spending a fortune and not to wear something that meets? Of course not! Fortunately are rising brands that decide to bet right on the plus sizes. Today we will see how to dress well and trendy all size 48 and some advice on brands curvy oriented!

As many of you know it is not always necessary to contact a specialized brand when a woman size 48 want to do a little ‘shopping. Many chains, including the well-known H & M, propose to dress women of different body sizes and hardly do not find something, to a size a bit ‘bigger, in these immense store. Among the Made in Italy brands that I would also advise c ‘Combipel, once famous only for leather jackets, and today definitely to watch if you want something that will be comfortable and be stylish. But what are instead , the brands that are targeted directly to a curvy customers and, above all, seek to dress trend? Here for you the most famous, in which, as soon as you can, I recommend you do a good healthy shopping! Person And ‘the brand with the beautiful testimonial Vanessa Incontrada, that the drafting of Pour Femme Fashion has had in the pleasure of interviewing for you the first Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Rome. It is part of the group Naturegnosis and is dedicated entirely to plus sizes which does not mean simply build bigger bosses, but shaped and manufactured specifically to be worn by a buxom woman.During the first night of fashion in Rome I had the pleasure to see the new clothes and accessories of the autumn winter 2011 2012 and I must admit to having been conquered by the clothes lines, perfectly trendy, and the softness of knitwear. One of the brand not to be absolutely escape, especially for younger women! Fiorella Rubino The woman who dresses Fiorella Rubino is definitely not casual, class, and always ready to be at your best at all times of the day, it’s an important event, work or leisure.Many heads very feminine, chic that make you feel at ease all women, even those less shapely and slimmer.