How to Do Makeup in Summer

The summer continues with full force and the days are getting hotter.

And this time of year, the temperature is highest, many women are in doubt in time to make the makeup since it is not easy to keep the make intact.

This is common because the heat stimulates sebum production, leaving the skin more oily and yet dilates the pores.

The good news is that there are some makeup tricks that can help you leave your make of summer warm and fuzzy!

That’s just taking some care before starting the makeup and choose the right products for your skin and hottest station of the year.

Check out below some tricks to make a beautiful makeup in the summer.

Makeup Tricks for Summer

Preparation of the Skin:

First of all it is essential to maintain the daily care with the skin of the face from the time I wake up until the moment of sleep. Also, before doing the makeup is very important to clean the skin to remove all oils and residues, and also apply a tonic to help close the pores.

The ideal is to always wash your face in cold water, never hot (facial walkthrough). But in the summer to help keep the skin dry a good idea is to wash your face with cold water.

After cleaning and toning the skin, never forget the sunscreen whether makeup is for the day and the moisturizer if your makeup is for the night. The sunscreen is critical to protect the skin from the Sun and the moisturizer to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

Another tip that makes all the difference in the makeup of summer because it helps keep your makeup for longer is to apply a primer that has the function of reducing pores and leave your skin more uniform.

Eye Makeup:

The best way to prevent makeup melt in heat is to opt for waterproof products. That’s because they are more resistant and prevent the eyes blurred by destroying all the makeup effect.

In addition, this product prevents makeup pigments stay in eye folds accumulated. Therefore, be sure to bet in the shadows, pencils, eyeliner and eyelash mask waterproof.

Perfect Lips:

The beautiful makeup for the summer wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful lipstick. And in the hottest days of the year, the best option is to bet in lipsticks with matte finish.

In addition to being high, this type of finish lipstick lasts much longer. To prevent the lipstick stay blurred, a good tip is to get around the lips with a pencil of the same color as the lipstick.

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