How to Choose Maternity Dress

Past the first 3 months of your pregnancy when you could still hide your baby bump in your old dresses, it’s time to move on to serious things!

How to Choose Maternity Dress

Indeed, the end of the third month is the time or the Moms decide to invest in outfits that will accompany him throughout their pregnancy but also after.

Many models of dresses quite adapted to your pregnancy will make feel you feminine and beautiful while maintaining an excellent comfort. Whatever your style, from the small to the more classic dress evening dress, you can find a variety of cuts and materials.

Choose what type of dress of pregnancy?

You like wearing dresses, then continue to do during your pregnancy by choosing models for mothers-to-be.

Whether they are long or short, knee, you choose according to your morphology between these models for your more great comfort.

Pregnancy dresses will bring all the femininity and elegance to your future mother figure. They are short, flared, or long and fitted, strapless or sleeves, fun to find your own style.

Dresses styles baby doll fit very well with the curves of the mothers-to-be. You can thus highlight your legs or wear it with leggings or jeans ultra slim to show a great originality.

Dresses with v-neck which some stick by a link in the back will your cleavage and your worth camber.

The portfolio dresses are also very suitable because they adjust perfectly to your generous curves.

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What material for dresses and skirts of pregnancy?

Before anything else, remember that one of your selection criteria is and must be the comfort. Also, you will find that many skirts and dresses of pregnancy that are offered have a touch of stretch / spandex, which is fine.

The material will then depend on your taste and the season: winter, choose skirts in a little thick fabrics or wool; in summer, you will enjoy more light cotton canvas, linen or jersey.

More pregnancy party dresses are made in micromodal, which is a fiber extremely fine extracted from wood pulp. Its exceptional softness and lightness make it the ideal material for clothes that are on the skin. This fiber also has the advantage of staying absorbent, soft and supple even after many washings. Its colors do not move.

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The key points to remember:

(1) Short, knees or long, pick a pregnancy dress in which you feel comfortable and beautiful.

(2) We ruled out buying a dress two sizes above yours that will not have neither form nor pace.

(3) Think of short dresses that also act as strapless: it’s funny, clever because you have 2 items in 1

(4) The dresses longer silhouette and enhance your femininity.

(5) Choose the v-neck that will highlight your lovely cleavage.

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