How to Choose a Leather Mens Jacket

In this new part of the look of the seducer, let’s talk about tips and essential advice to choose his leather vest…

The leather jacket

It is simply a must. Be it in the fall or spring, or even in the winter days when the thermometer shows positive, the leather jacket is a good way to combine elegance and casual chic. It fits with just about all types of shirts, all pants, with all types of shoes, but also with a variety of accessories (scarf, tie, belt). However, the error would be to believe that we can put any jacket and that we can grant it no matter how.

Cut and material

A leather jacket must be your size, which means that you fill it, it does not float. It must be close to the body at the level of the bust, and is not optional, otherwise she will hang. Side shoulders, it’s like your shirts, it can’t hang, she should frame your shoulders for a great fall. The sleeves when they, should tighten on the wrist, forget so all leather sleeves have a slightly loose appearance. It is the quality of your jacket that will make the difference.

A beautiful leather, whether it’s a jacket or pants, must be extremely fine. More leather is thin, better it is. The key is to wear lamb plunged, and even if some sellers tell you that the cowhide is less fragile. Another important point, a good leather smells like leather, and a good leather is soft. If you place your hand on it, it should slide and don’t feel no asperity.

How to wear your leather?

Has already told it you, leather goes with just about everything. Only, there are some guidelines to follow. If you wear it with a shirt, it’s shirt tucked (it’s always shirt tucked Besides, but a reminder is always good). If you choose to opt for the tie, feel free to strengthen the side casual with a cardigan. While leather is made for elegance, but it must remain delicate. Note finally that a leather never closes more than half, if you get cold, we invented the scarf.

Maintenance of the leather jacket

Is it necessary to specify that a leather does not machine? Unless your name is Rick Owens and you are a great fashion designer. In the case of task, wash only the task.Leather has the advantage of not requiring special care. Put it on a hanger in thick Woods to not break its form. Lightweight jackets for men: How about you? How you choose your leather jacket?