How to Choose a Hiking Backpack

Choosing a backpack is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Since it is not exactly cheap, you will probably buy another for each activity. And that’s why you need to think carefully about what you actually want a backpack according to Digopaul.

Choose a Hiking Backpack

First of all, for you will depend on how big it should actually be a backpack. According to the size of the bags can be divided into three sizes.

Small backpacks

The first category is small backpacks, which are ideal example to the city, or short trips. Their volume normally fluctuates between 15 to 30 liters, but always depending on individual producers. You should focus primarily on the weight and compactness, but also on the capacity, which is not in small backpacks too large.

Fall into this category and backpacks on a bike , for which you should ask possibility to attach helmet . It should keep you well on your back, be streamlined and allow ventilation back. At the same time cyklobatohu choose colorful design with reflective elements that provide much greater security.

For small backpack it is also important, which is the breakdown of how many have pockets, compartments and zippers. Here, however, it depends on how much else you want to wear.

Medium backpacks

The second category are the Central backpacks that have a capacity of between 30 to 50 liters and is suitable for multi-day events, for example, weekends spent at the cottage. In this category, as well as in the category of small packs, you can choose from men’s and women’s versions. Especially for medium-sized backpacks are anatomical differences between women and men are important because women’s version of the backpack will have shorter backs and other anatomy of the hip belt.

This category includes, for example, also backpacks on in-line skates, skis or a snowboard, for which you should inquire about the mounting of the equipment.

Backpack of this size should be equipped with lumbar and breast strips, which ensure its stability if it pinning heavy equipment. Obviously mattress him too much burden, but skis already did.

Large backpacks

The last category of backpacks, which are intended for the long journey, represent a major tourist backpacks. They have a volume of between 50 to 100 liters and it is in their shopping importance of respecting the anatomical differences between men and women. Choose a backpack with a comfortable back system, adequate ventilation and straps that you will never strangle fray.


Backpack can only buy in a store, never not order over the Internet. You need to thoroughly test it. Try it in a store filled burdens, take a walk with him, do some squats. Backpack you must sit perfectly, cling to your body, you can not chafe.

Also important is storage space, the advantage is when you get into it from at least two locations. Various side pockets provide plenty of space for small things, thanks to the straps and shackles can be clipped to a backpack additional things to take with you – sleeping mat , tent, or skis.

When choosing a backpack also focus your attention on the material and the lifetime of the backpack. The material should be waterproof, so you do not use in case of rain cape. Plus is a rip-stop structure of the substance, which in case of tearing of the bag will no longer spontaneously expand. This type of substance identified by the small čtverečkům fabric.

Ultralight backpack

On the Czech market is increasingly expanding menu called. Ultralight backpacks. Mostly, however, these bags do not have the stamina to reduce the weight of having only one main pocket without breakdown and instead back reinforcements include a foam lining. So ultralight backpack fits into the city, but on treks or mountain hikes its use carefully.