How to Choose a Handbag

Handbag is a woman indispensable part of everyday life. There are bags of different sizes, colors and shapes. Handbags can also be divided into normal, so-called. Business bag, worn to work on a Sunday stroll, and handbags specifically determined by their purpose, eg. Social handbags. Handbags in our offer has its specificity, given its high quality workmanship, content and size. They are handbags designed especially for women who every day have to carry large amounts of paper documents or notebook, or both.. For women who travel a lot both in workplaces and, and require more of their stuff to carry wherever you go. You no longer need to carry one small bag and a representative of the unsightly plastic bag or replacing handbags Men briefcase. Handbags in our offer will solve your everyday problems, “which to him” without having to reach for the plastic bag.

In the following lines, we will address the issues of how to choose the right handbag.


Size is one of the important criteria for choosing the right handbag. Handbag you choose mainly by what it will or will want to wear. E.g. paper notebook, paper documents (according to their number), mobile accessories, umbrella, cosmetics and other small items.

Handbags in our range and can hold laptops of up to 15.6 “. The selection should also take into account the number and size of compartments in the bag. Another consideration is that, what purpose has a purse serve, eg. For daily wear to work, to travel to fairs and conferences or in their spare time on holiday.


Handbags are produced in various colors. The basic classic colors handbags we could include black, white (beige), red and brown. Other colors in which handbags are produced, eg. Pink, blue, green, orange etc. These are colors for handbags very specific, but their owner is definitely very strong personalities who are able to reconcile their overall appearance with a handbag. In this case, it becomes unmistakable handbag accessory.

When choosing a shade handbags, the principle of reconciliation with colors other leather accessories, eg. Boots, belt, watch bands, etc. At the same time forging handbag should be the same color (usually gold or the silver) as all metal parts other clothing.


Shapes handbags are different. We can divide its appearance in the classic, elegant, sporting avant-garde. Among the classic types include. Handbags with square outlines. Classic to stylish bags with slightly rounded contours. Avant-garde handbags are such that it appears at first glance as unique in its shape and neokoukaným solution. Bag with long handles over his shoulder feels more sporty touch.

Material and processing

Handbag should be made of leather, everything else looks cheap and it’s obvious at first glance. Already in the design should count on the fact that the handbag must endure something. We offer purses of very fine quality Italian leather. The selection should pay attention to manufacturing quality handbags, including details. E.g.Doji stitching, using high-quality fasteners (zippers, magnetic patents, buckles, carabiners, etc.).


Handbags are produced with different types of fastening. The most common is closing zippers, buckles or magnetic patents. Infrequently, handbags encounter with locking buckle closures or code. Metallic accessories should be aesthetically matched to the type of bag should be functional and easy to use.

Notebook compartment

Handbags usually are not tailored to fit a laptop. If the match sizes do not match the quality of materials and workmanship. Handbag, which should be worn notebook must be adapted already its design and material to its weight and fragility at impact.

Handbags in our offer they have a special compartment for a laptop. This tray is adjusted for the special padded material that absorbs shocks. This pocket can be easily removed from the tray and slide it back again.

Other accessories

Some handbags are equipped with quality shoulder strap with non-slip, shock absorbing (neoprene), with a simple tether and unclipping in the form of massive quality carabiners. Handbags are equipped with a separate compartment for small things, eg. Mobile phone, CDs, pens, keys, etc.


If we will be judged by a purse scales, we should bear in mind what the purpose of it is to perform. What is certain is that the common purse to the theater will be lightweight, made of fine material, smaller size, and its content will consist of two pieces of cosmetics, handkerchief, and wallet. In contrast, the bag which is intended to work or travel purposes, will be larger and heavier. Will you wear it basically all the data – it’s such a small, elegant office with everything that belongs to it. The weight of such a bag goes against quality – the quality of the skin, better padding, special pocket for a laptop, better hardware accessories, the higher the weight. Weight approximately around 1.5 kg is acceptable. Remember that bag protects your notebook.

Finally, it should be noted that the handbag is a beautiful accessory to your clothing. It speaks volumes about your style of dressing on your taste and the importance of what you consider your purse in your everyday life.