How to Choose a Bra

If lingerie is often case of coquetry, the bra, he does not just to be nice. Take care of our chest won’t without a bra fits our size and well adjusted. To combine comfort, aesthetics, and maintaining our operating instructions lingerie.

Its measures

Round back: to determine the size in number of our bra (85, 90, 95, 100…)

The back of the bra (the Tower of chest size) has an important part in keeping.

With a regular bra, standing straight in front of a mirror and use a tape that is placed horizontally under our chest, where it usually attaches our bra and even the skin.

Chest size: to determine the depth of the Cup (A, B, C, D)

In the same way, well horizontally placed the tape on our chest, where it is the most generous.

The difference between this measurement and that of our back Tower indicates our Cup size.

See the table of measurement


It especially does not tighten, the tape should just be placed.

Our Bra size can change depending on the brand of lingerie. We think to return regularly to our measurements and we think about the practical additional clips if you need a readjustment.

Lingerie that fits: all our tips to adopt a pretty lingerie.

And to find the shirt that need us: our advice morpho.

Measure tables

Round back

Between 68 and 72 cm, your size is 85

Between 73 and 77 cm, your size is 90

Between 78 and 82 cm, your size is 95

Between 83 and 87 cm, your size is 100

Between 88 and 92 cm, your size is 105

Between 93 and 97 cm, your size is 110

Between 98 and 102 cm, your size is 115

Between 103 and 107 cm, your size is 120

The CAP (the difference between chest and round back)

A: difference of 13 cm

B: 15 cm difference

C: 17 cm difference

D: difference of 19 cm

E: difference of 21 cm

F: difference of 23 cm
Fitting: the verdict

First of all

It’s put our chest in each Cup, if necessary. The best method of rest of us lean forward to position the bra and then to staple it in the back to the second notch in the first instance.

On the front

The straps should not come off between the chest and the shoulder. As for frames, they must be well plated under the chest against chest and between the breasts at the meeting of the two frames.

The chest must be well nested in the cups without overflowing and without creating a bead. If too small cups boudinent us and cut the top of the breast, they are too big if they fold and are not filled.

In the back

According to the bra inventor named on, the bra should form a horizontal line without going back and the straps should not cut our shoulders.


To be sure that the silhouette of our chest we like it once dressed, put on a top on top, which gives us a good overview of the rendering.

If needed, we readjust the bra at the level of the straps and clips to the back.

Maintain her lingerie

Size change

Our weight and thus our morphology change sometimes over time. It is important to consider to take our measures regularly and choose the right size in lingerie, as well as our clothing.


Lingerie naturally loses its quality over time, so we’re trying to renew our underwear at least every six months or every year.

Delicate little L

To keep our underwear comfortable, we take care of our below by washing it by hand with a mild detergent and warm water. Then pressed gently to dry them without twist them and left to dry in the open air and no dryer which could make them shrink.

It also avoids javel water deteriorating tissue.