How to Choose a Backpack

After the perfect shoes is time of customized backpack. I have already mentioned what are objects that may not come to mind right away but once there are fundamental, but where to put them? How many liters should be the perfect backpack? Here are answers to common questions plaguing who is about to leave.

Shortly before flying to El Camino de Santiago I bought a backpack of Decathlon, which honestly I was satisfied on all counts, but I would have preferred to avoid some initial error to make it even better in my experience. Like “home on the shoulders” I chose a Forclaz 60 Symbium Lady, specifically for women leaving for trips lasting several days and who do not want to have space problems.

More than a backpack we are talking about a real suitcase to put on his shoulders, as you can see from the picture, with access from below so you don’t have to empty all when searching for things. During my month pilgrim often I carried your hiking boots because I wore sandals and entered without any problems even if at the beginning were not provided. Based on my experience and the things that I saw during the pilgrimage here are some mistakes to avoid to avoid being caught unprepared by a backpack traitor:

1st errorDo not adjust the backpack. Before heading out for your first 25 km are very careful to have adjusted well the backpack. To make sure you get help from someone watching you from behind will tell you if it’s quite straight or “hangs” on one side. My first and last back pain was because of a belt too loose at first, but after fixing well the backpack I’ve had no problems. It is useful to do some tests to see what is the preferred structure.

2nd error: Not make a bit more space. Perhaps you will find yourself having to buy something, to add a few lighter shoes for easy footpaths, decide to collect rocks as a memento of the pilgrim’s way (don’t laugh, I’ve seen it for real) and at that point you will need some “liter” is not calculated. To avoid ending up with a sleeping bag and towels hanging out from the bag should do well.

3rd error: Forget the waterproofing. Again it is important to get the right choices before leaving for the pilgrimage. My backpack had a waterproof coating in a pocket on the bottom, so that the first drops of rain were easy waterproof. Others chose to incorporate the backpack under the poncho, in this case make sure you keep this valuable object within reach, so you don’t find yourself rummaging through things in the middle of the storm. Another good tip is to keep your clothes in waterproof bags so that even if the bag gets wet a dry Exchange is always available.

Tips to choose a backpack to carry talking way of Saint James:

  • Do you prefer a backpack designed for your body shape, such as those specific to women have the shoulder straps closer made specifically for small shoulders.
  • Bring a backpack of at least 40 liters to make sure they get even unexpected objects.
  • Make sure that there are enough pockets to store (and find) all objects easily because often you will find in the dark while the other guests of the albergue sleep.
  • Choose a template that allows a moisture wicking back, otherwise one day on the plateaus of the Pilgrim’s could prove to be a real “sweat”. A good backpack that I happened to try recently the Deuter Act Lite SL by 45 liters, is very roomy, lightweight and super ventilated.
  • Make sure that the total weight (a sports bottle filled) not exceeding ten pounds to avoid problems with muscles and tendons.