High Boots Over Knees

The new style: thigh high boots

Either you love or you hate it: the thigh high boots indicate “Pretty Woman” in fashion world. At the present time, these boots are now available in many different variations. Everyone can now individually decide on heel height, color and design. Overknees boots are especially popular in shades of black, brown and grey. Recently, the boots are preferred colors of red, which relies more on darker tones. The Wholesaleably footwear category will range to you are and discover the diversity of these boots in online store.

women overknees boots 2

More “pretty” and “Pretty Woman” – so you should style yourself!

A principle should always be observed: the length of your dress or skirt will decide your thigh high heel boots.  There are many possible combinations, because these boots look pretty good both to skinny jeans, short skirts. To create a casual style, you can pair jeans with flat thigh-high boots and a loose top. For the cold seasons, you’d better buy a coat, which stands a little over your thigh high boots. This look is also suitable for an elegant evening out and makes you look simply just good! Dresses or skirts can be combined well with the boots. You may show like a little cleavage at the knee. Make sure that the skirt is not too short and a little skin can shine through. In combination with a shirt or a sweater, you have the perfect party outfit ready!

women overknees boots

The best thigh high boots

With the wide collections, you can create your exciting elegant appearance or classic trendy look. Are you curious about the new variations of the classic? Then you look around the collection of thigh high boots. If you stylish with beautiful overknee boots, you are right in the collection. Have we aroused your interest? Then browse now Wholesaleably footwear and buy your new pair of boots online!