Hair and Makeup Trends for Winter

Summer is finally here, and now, so is the time we have to stay inside of the main trends for winter, gives up to advance some shopping, how about?

For that so many parades that serve, now and then, we say around here, so we have an idea of what will be the trend for the next few seasons.

Now we will show, so the main beauty trends, that is, what you would see in terms of hair and makeup for the winter.

For example, on the catwalks of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week have been some beauty trends, i.e. the main stakes of the designers of winter success, and so was curious?

Beauty Trends for Winter

Of course, you can’t talk about beauty trends not to mention them in the hair, and what is expected for the winter, at least what we have seen in parades is to the delight of all and the overall happiness of the nation, return the plates!!!

Yes, the big hair panther well who tried but failed to unseat the smooth, well at least the designers don’t believe the big hair super bulky and natural will continue, and bet everything smooth wires without volume, the main bet is to let the more minimalist as possible, opting for looks pretty stoned.
And, even within the main beauty trends listed on Ask4beauty with regard to hairstyles, ponytail, however, remains high, is another trend that promises to make success and from what we’ve seen on the catwalks, the most elaborate hairstyles will be left a little aside, making room for those low, simple, elegant hairstyles, but not so dull!

As we are showing the beauty trends for winter, we will talk about the makeup, as I expected, that prevails at the moment is that it will continue with everything on colder days of the year, which is a natural, she made a huge success on the catwalk, being the one who literally kicked in.
For those who are not linking the name to the person, the natural makeup is one in which the skin appears to be without makeup, but, at the same time, shown well hydrated and nourished.

Ladies get ready, as we will see in the mouth too, again, is the lipstick on the wine color, he came to prominence once again.
Do you think that tone too strong? So take a tip, pass the lipstick with the fingers, giving light taps on my lips, so that color be clearer.
But the wine he reigned alone does not, as the natural makeup is with everything, the earth tones also appear on the lips.

Time to work the skin, the tendency, don’t forget, it’s as natural as possible, so the trick is to just give a more enlightened.
What??? Don’t know how to do that? It’s simple, you will only need one illuminator powder, stick or liquid, then just apply the chosen product in the temples, the nose and the tip of the Chin, in the T zone.

Time to do the make-up for eyes, for the winter you will have to perfect us eyeliners that can be colored or traditional, such as black and brown.

Have doubt time to still use the eyeliner? It’s simple, it’s time to make the appointment with the eyeliner, don’t interrupt the stroke, and to achieve a more subtle result, simply vanish into the corner of the eyes, experience, practice, only then will get!

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