Good Running Shoes for Beginners

When you want to run, you must first invest in a good pair of shoes. On the poor, worn-out or defective running shoes really are a common cause of damage. The shock load on knees and joints is when walking up to three times their body weight. A good shoe will help to reduce this burden.What to look for when buying a pair of running shoes?

The saving is excluded

When it comes to running shoes will do your best not to save money. The cheapest offer is just to spend less is a bad idea. The goal of good shoes to avoid injuries. A good pair of running shoes can easily cost around 150 €. It’s not much, but for those who are starting to run is inevitable.
Also, remember that when you go with cheap or bad shoes and, therefore, sooner or later, an injury that you may cause a lot more money to spend on physicians, physical therapists and treatments than what you spend extra for a good shoe.

Buy your footwear in a specialty store

The best place to buy running shoes is a run?? malls?? or specialized sports store, such as Shoe-wiki. Not every shoe is really suitable for every runner. Support, fit and the surface you usually run is important, but also how you go.
Most people take advantage of a neutral shoe, but not all. A neutral runner has a natural inward foot motion during landing with feet on the ground. But there are runners who, of course, set foot in such a way that a shoe with correction is appropriate. We are talking about?? Underpronation?? When the foot hits the ground when doing a movement outward. The impact on countries of foot then collected less special shoes are recommended. There are also those who develop overpronation?? ?? occurs: the natural inward movement the foot upon landing will be excessive, with an increased risk for knee injuries as a result.
Analysis of loopbandIn a running Centre to make an analysis of your foot with a podoscope. This system transcript to see what type of foot you have. The fact is that there are many types: normal feet, high arches, feet with a nod, flat feet, and more. Every human being and, therefore, each foot is different.In addition, any pressure points on the foot are derived from a foot analysis.
Next, with your walk even with a neutral shoe on a tape. This and continue recording with the help of video footage can determine if you are neutral or supinated overgeproneerd runs and you as the right shoes.

Even your old running shoes to the store

If you can please even your old shoes to a specialist. In the store you can carry out the cassette much information about derive your time. Most wear on the shoe on the outside of the sole, it means that you are suffering from Underpronation. If the wear is mainly on the inside to do maybe suffering from overpronation. For neutral runners on the other side of the wear and tear occurs evenly over the entire shoe.
Together with an analysis of the foot and the pictures that you go on the treadmill, so you can see which shoe is right for you.

Give your toes enough room

A good running shoes are tight but should not sit so hard that you then have a blue toe. Most experienced runners take running shoe a half size larger than their normal shoes. Because of the extra space can easily bend the foot and toes can stretch each foot stores. When you are standing upright can check your best if you have at least a toenail space between the end of your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. Otherwise you risk to sit regularly with blisters or blue toenails.

After walking a new pair

After six hundred to eight hundred kilometres a shoe gradually starts to lose its support and cushioning. After a thousand kilometres, is the damping capacity of only seventy-five percent of the original value. Many believe that with a running shoe also secured more than eight hundred kilometres on the Shin. Of course it is not true that when you make a thousand kilometres of the run you will certainly get damaged. The only question is: what do you win there to even just go through it? When it comes to running shoes are too early to change is always better than too late.
Running shoe with springveerJe can well write down somewhere when you have only bought shoes. So you know exactly when you are ready for a new pair.

Don’t believe the myths

You don’t have to be a trendsetter when it comes to running shoes. With clockwork rule revolutionary models coming to market, such as a shoe with two positions or a shoe with a spring under the sole that inside you again easier after hitting the ground and so could run faster. There is also minimalist shoes that mimic barefoot running.
For all of these shoes are usually the same: it is not scientifically proven that you walk along sooner or becomes less damage. If it is so, so now almost everyone went with such shoes. In addition, there are in General also have a hefty price tag attached to it. As a Runner Sports as a hobby or temporary streetrun or jogging while earning you live best with a classic good running shoe.

What I find so?? s run specialised centre?

You can find both in Belgium and in the Netherlands many specialty running stores. You should definitely need to take a look and let you expert advice on the procurement of good running shoes.