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Garden accessories – enjoy in the Green

If you have a garden, which is a life without these benefits hardly imagine. Because no other place will help you quickly to relax and switch off from the stress, like your own garden. Outdoors and in your private comfort zone this is a great advantage of a garden. Garden decorations and garden accessories give your favorite place an individual touch. Versatile accessories and stylish decorations add ideal between your magnificent flowers, shrubs and plants and make your garden a small paradise of everyday life.

Garden accessories – by virtually am playful

Garden accessories offers a wide range of pieces that make your garden still cosy and beautiful accessory to the practical helper. Discover tasty garden carpets in your garden shed, as well as on the terrace ensuring comfort and are thereby weatherproof and robust. With handy tool pockets, you always know where are your shovels and rakes. Tarps and covers protect your garden furniture or your sensitive vegetable crops from weather. Garden accessories such as plant pots and stands puts a pretty accent visually and offer you the opportunity to decorate your pot plants in the garden presentable.


Bridgat – great deals for more fun garden accessories

, You will be amazed 16bpc garden accessories our popular brand living, because we offer you a diverse selection at a low price. Here you will find, for example, lights that are breathable and diving your intimate evenings on the terrace in a romantic atmosphere, reminiscent of holidays in the South. Washable garden tablecloth with floral designs look great and can stay even with a change in the weather on the table. Keep dry your favorite seat in a beach chair, you find useful cases for the gem in our assortment. Garden accessories make your garden still Paradise by bridgat. The carpets, which both create livability on the terrace or in the House are an eye-catcher. Are you looking for a fun accessory for your next garden party? Then find naughty beer glasses in bottle optics and other garden accessories that will make your barbecue success with us.


Garden accessories relaxed online shopping – at bridgat

Look in peace and quiet in the bridgat online shop around, because with us there’s no opening hours. Around the clock, you can browse for new garden accessories. Special offers and our right to exchange your online shopping with bridgat make a shopping experience. Order now and see for yourself!