Flickr App Strongly Reminiscent Instagram after Update

Flickr wants to finally close to Instagram. And uses for its new app just for the competitors. This is not quite the fine art, but the result can be seen: Flickr 3.0 is an overhauled app for iPhone and Android devices.

While the old app was more like a scaled down form of the site, everything is fast, fluid and clear now – so at least the verge judge. You can thus filling the display viewing photos with the tap of a finger. Also the stored metadata is available with a single Tip: where was the photo taken with which camera?

The focus the overhaul on interaction, comments, sharing pictures and create favourite channel lists. Also the search function has been improved. The proven filter and edit functions are still with on board. Also it is now also possible to upload HD videos with a length of up to 30 seconds per app. And just like with Instagram, you can replace parts of the videos in hindsight.

Flickr Has Left Against Instagram

The time must show whether the update Flickr is enough to close the gap on Instagram. Whole two years it had lasted at that time finally until 2012 was finally photo filter in the style of the successful upstart Flickr for its app. Who has benefited, meanwhile, vigorously: the 2010 launched Instagram now 200 million people use, while the six years older Flickr at about 92 million users.