Find the Correct Size of Your Bra

Difficulties in buying a bra.

You have large breasts, need a bra and go out to look for one, the following situations may occur:

  1. The model you like does not have it in your number.
  2. If you have your number, the bulge is small.
  3. If the bulge serves, there is plenty left on the back.
  4. If it serves in the back, the bulge is small.
  5. If the bulge serves, and the back also, the handles are very thin (zero lift).
  6. If everything serves, the bulge is hard (regrettable, but usable).
  7. Everything serves, the bulge is soft, looks perfect, but is out of your budget. DO NOT WORRY, IN DAJO WE HAVE THE PERFECT BRANCH FALLING IN YOUR BAG.
  8. And this model only has skin color.
  9. You buy, happy and with the empty pocket, and your boyfriend says that it is color of bra of grandmother.
  10. The prettiest models are small, with thin straps, without bulge, stuffed (why, at size 46?), Without support, or cost both eyes of the face.

Dajo Moda Intimate stands out in the market for offering a differentiated buying experience that elevates the power, self-esteem and high spirits of Brazilian women.

The most important in our concept is YOU CUSTOMER FIND the Perfect Bra, we work with any type of body through bras with different bulge measures and backs.

Dajo has a differentiated and personalized service in her shop, where consultants measure bust and chest to determine the ideal measure of the perfect bra. In this way, the piece provides ideal trim and enhances the feminine lap, the desire of all women.

In addition to the various combinations of SIZES AND BEAKS, you’ll still find several models of the perfect bra that best suit every type of woman at all times of their lives.

There are MANY combinations, in addition to the wide variety of colors and fabrics available to customers. Impossible not to find the perfect bra according to automotiveqna. We know that a bra that does not wear well ends with any production.