Fenix Flashlights Review

Lamp UC30 is a universal light source with up unexpected performance concealed in a compact package. At first glance, ordinary handheld flashlight.

However, already in the first meeting has its entire structure extremely robust and durable. Fair amount of aircraft aluminum and tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating according to the manufacturer’s guarantee shockproof when dropped from a height of one meter. In practice I can not imagine a situation where it could flashlight undergo physical harm.

In the grip of the anodized surface roughened fine indentations, subtle grooves in the front are designed to dissipate heat. Below the screw cap which is provided with trapezoidal thread for enhanced wear resistance and below the sealing ring is a space for exchangeable rechargeable battery. But I will return later.

The lamp is operated slightly embossed rubberised button at the point where it easily reaches the thumb. Exactly the opposite side we find the rubber plug micro USB connector for charging, which at first may be confused with the control button, but pretty quickly you can learn vystouplejší button memory to recognize. If you still have a problem to find the key by touch, it is made ​​of phosphorescent material.

Performance can quickly move at night

What makes the lamp UC30 interesting is its light output, which has the good sense to blame the peak LED Cree XM-L2 U2 with reported life 50,000 hours . Maximum power is a luminous flux of 960 lumens. This represents up to an unexpected “Remote Light” and supply power for various cases. The space in the direction of the light beam is actually irradiated intensively and clearly.

Like continuous distribution of light within a relatively wide cone of light. Closer center is much brighter, wider outer portion of the light beam is a little less clear, but the distribution of light is very smooth, without subjectively noticeable loss to its outer edge. I consider this practice to be more important than the indication of the maximum afterglow 204 meters

However, mode peak power of 960 lumens would run out of battery in just 1.2 hours. To protect against overheating, the lamp after three minutes of extra traffic in the most efficient mode switches itself to the second mode in order of output of 400 lumens. I must admit that, in practice, to me the difference between “high (400 l) and” turbo “(960 l) did not come in any way remarkable. Also, when output of 400 lumens, I got enough power for a variety of” fast “activity.

With a simple holder on the handlebars or helmet, which can be purchased as an accessory, so UC30 serve as full-featured and powerful cyklosvětlo. As I have personally tested, and output of 400 lumens is sufficient enough to me that lamp is served not only as a complementary but still only illumination on round (except perhaps for racing use). Add that battery life in this mode is three hours.

The third mode with output of 110 lumens (lasting 11 hours) is completely sufficient for most uses for slower motion, typically need to walk at night through the forest. Sleep mode then provides 10 lumens, which is still enough light for use, for example in a tent and normal activities while camping. In this case the lamp lasts for one charge light 120 hours.

Emergency Management is also equipped with emergency strobe mode (variable frequency flicker). Practical memory that makes the lamp always turns on the last used mode (except for strobe). Digital control ensures the maintenance of a constant supply current and brightness even at slow discharge of the battery (and reduce voltage). There is protection against reverse polarity (battery is inserted upside down).

Charging and other accessories in the package

As I mentioned, the source of energy for UC30 is a rechargeable lithium-ion type akumulátorstandardizovaného 18650 Directly lamp is supplied battery Fenix ​​ARB-L2 with a capacity of 2600 mAh. After removing the rear cover, the battery can be removed easily as a normal battery and possibly replace it with another of the same type. Its size corresponds battery 18650 two lithium batteries CR123A, which can thus be used as an alternative, which may be useful especially in winter, when the lithium battery are not so susceptible to loss of capacity due to low temperature.

On discharged battery flashlight warns that the side button flashes red, the lamp gradually switches automatically to the lowest mode, and every five minutes, three times. The battery is charged within the lamp via a built-in micro USB port using a standard USB cable. So you can charge using the AC adapter from the wall socket, USB adapter in the car, a computer, etc. PowerBank. During the charging side button red, and when fully charged, the light turns green. Charging a fully discharged battery takes about 3.5 hours.

Fenix ​​UC30 is waterproof and fully functional to a depth of two meters (according to standard IPX-8), so it is very well suited for boating use. Just need to always check the correct fitting cap micro USB connector. The flashlight is attached wrist strap, nylon belt pouch, USB cable, spare o-rings and two spare covers micro USB connector.