FDJ Francaise Des Jeux Cycling

In the 2012 Tour de France, the French cycling team FDJ BIGMAT even at the start. This French team is composed mainly of young French riders. The team is considered one of the smaller teams in quotes. Some well-known foreign hauliers have the shirt to the FDJ had shoulders and had success, such as Bradley McGee, Bradley Wiggins 9Groot UK) and Davide Rebellin.

Lag FDJ Bigmat

The French cycling team FDJ BIGMAT has been operating since 1997. FDJ stands for La Francaise des Jeux, a company that offers gambling. BIGMAT contrast, a hardware store. The team is an entirely French team, with a single foreign riders. It is a law that specifically binds young French riders. The focus of the team is particularly successful in the Tour de France. The team has since 2005 a UCI World Tour license, thus taking part in all the big races and the Vuelta and the Giro d ‘Italia.Therefore, it is automatically one of the 22 teams in the Tour de France in 2012.
The team is led by Frenchman Marc MADIOT. He also gets support from the French group leader Thierry Bricaud, Martial Gayant, Yvon MADIOT and Franck Pineau.

Arnaud Demare

The still relatively young rider Arnaud Demare was born August 26, 1991 in Beauvais in France. Since 2012, he is in contract with the team FDJ BIGMAT like a pro. In 2009, however Demare already giving out their card. He is 3rd in the European Championship and 2nd at the World Championship road race in the juniors. As a professional cyclist since 2012, he has also had success, including a stage win in the Tour of Qatar and Tour of West Flanders. The driver will have much heard.

FDJ lagsammansättning Bigmat

During the year 2012 cycling team FDJ BIGMAT following riders under contract. The nine drivers who have been selected, it is indicated by a * behind the name.