Fashionable Sweaters with Affordable Price

Fashion – is a capricious lady to change, sometimes quite cardinal. What is true literally last season, may be unfashionable in the future. So what awaits us in the future in 2016? What to wear? Identify several trends.

What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in 2016?

Which colors will be hot? In fact, there is nothing you can safely buy blouses favorite shades in the end, if your tone goes, this jacket in any case be stylish. But it’s better to give preference to shades restrained, calm and gentle, for example, or ivory. Such tones emphasize femininity.

What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in?

Current and green, nearly all blue, brown sand. In trend and the usual for all classic colors: white, black and gray. In addition, you can purchase a sweater beautiful burgundy, wine or plum color. Appropriate and passionate red, but also its nuances.


If you prefer boring things unusual and drawings, then you can safely gain shirts with prints. Here’s what will be obsolete in 2016:

Tapeworm. Any directions, contrasting combinations and variations – all this is a trend. Remember that the horizontal tapeworm, and here vertical escapes silhouette and advantageous look.

Popular and cells. It can be as simple and complex and creative. Do not think that it’s boring or ridiculous. If such a sweater competent to remove and combined with the right things and the way will be completed and stylish.

Floral prints. That cold time of year to remind the heat of summer or spring wonderful? Correct, live flowers. They can almost all, forming an entire flower meadow. But the center can be located and a large flower that will surely become a bright accent. Welcome to the brightness and contrast combinations.

Paintings are also in trend: parrots, tigers, camels and other representatives of exotic fauna.

Geometric patterns are still relevant and powerful look fabulous and creative simplicity.

Want something more unusual? Select with psychedelic or abstract pattern or model.

Recent photo-drawings or photographs of friends or even strangers. For example, if you have an idol Order with his picture on his chest (

What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in 2016?

Fashion sweaters and vests future in differ variety of styles and silhouette. Here’s the latest:

Latest fashion so-called V-neck. It is amazing and sex. This detail firstly, visually door, secondly, emphasize chest. In addition, this hole can be combined with the bottom of almost every style of sports and free to classic.

Current short sleeves and 3/4 sleeves. This is not only convenient but also feminine because women’s hands are pretty sexy part of the body.

You want to look feminine and sexy? Order required model form fitting silhouette and made by angora, fine wool or soft knitwear. What to wear this sweater? Almost everything. Will be packed every skirts and a length jeans (best so soft and romantic roof combines the tabernacle and shortened model, it will look fresh and slightly unusual), classic trousers.

How nice nose in the door and forget about everything. In 2016 you such an opportunity will be provided, as high volume inlay and more relevant. And if this detail will be made of another material, it can become a kind of bright accent sweaters.

Current bulky sweaters that first can curvy figure, secondly, emphasize the fragility and femininity. Shapely and tiny girls can afford rough and large with appetizing forms better to stop your choice of small or medium. Bulky sweaters combine well with or short jeans. Concerning the length, it can vary. For example, you can buy a vest, closing buttocks. But in the future, current season will be shortened and a model that can be called a challenge to society and quite successful attempt to break stereotypes.

Welcome asymmetry: longer than the back or side opened on his shoulder and so on. But if you decide to choose a model and then select the bottom discreetly so as not to overload the way.

Be sure to order a sweater-dress, he is absolutely right through next year will be updated. But better not to dress it with pants or jeans. – Best version- leggings or thick.

Models will also be suitable because they are so unobtrusively emphasize femininity and elegance.

Sweaters with elastic bottom will not only protect from the cold, but also beneficial way.


What do they wear fashionable sweaters and cardigans in 2016?

Sometimes the details are more important than the main parts, so pay attention to them. Few profitable alternatives:

Crystals will occur less frequently but in small quantities, they are not only permitted but date.

Large binding – peak future seasons. But let him could not all but only slender girls.

Decoration or placing the skin. Skin as a whole will present almost everywhere.

Lovers of skin will also be pleased, as it may be present and to act as a decor element or even be the most difficult accent.

Zip front will disturb the male fantasy and act bright parts of the image.

Popular be bigger buttons.

Many designers are so accustomed to not match so in fashion jerseys and bad the next year can be seen against the background of coarse wire inserts of lace or silk.

Remember that urgent minimalism, so the jacket models and overwhelmed details will look ridiculous.

Here you can now go to the store. Happy shopping!

Here are some photos for sweaters: