Excellent App to Read on a Mobile Phone

Since I use an Android phone, he is my partner inseparable in moments of boredom. Be in a queue, in the bathroom, while waiting for someone in a hotel lobby or in those minutes before the class starts, there’s always what to read on the phone. I spent a lot of time looking for the best software to read feeds offline and tested several, changing each day for a different reason. Now I found Google Currents, and I think I can stop experimenting.

Google Currents it’s not really a feed reader, but allows you to easily add to your list the feeds registered already in your Google Reader and shows each of the articles in magazine format, standardized, with the stylized images and large font is easy to read even on small screens.

The great advantage of Google Currents is show content complete and synchronize everything so you can read it offline. Never miss updated information, as you can see in the video below, created by Google to promote the product.

Just because they’re from Google the application already deserves a more complete test as rarely disappoint. Google apps like Maps, Reader, GMail and Youtube are simply essential in any smartphone. Now I think the Currents comes to this list. Google Currents can be adapted to your device’s screen size and shows the text with the font whose reading is more enjoyable, weighing correctly the relationship between screen size and density of the text. In addition there are several visual sources of information easy to access and have cataloged by Google’s algorithms such as Scientific American, Forbes and many sites and blogs.

The Google Currents presents the link to download the version for both iOs and Android. There speaks a bit more about the functionality of the app.