Environmentally Friendly Reusable Water Bottle

The gourd yesterday was meant to light, simple design gives way today to new flasks, greener who want healthy, safe and toxic free.Finished (or almost) the aluminum, welcome to the stainless steel to glass, polypropylene cap without Bisphenol A, the silicone seal … Here’s what the look really healthy and green gourds:

Materials: stainless steel and glass

Stainless steel (or stainless steel instead)

This is an alloy obtained mainly from iron and carbon with the addition of chromium or nickel. The stainless steel used for food contact is a 18/8, as the gourds.

Advantages :

  • Tasteless, it does not keep odors and tastes drinks.
  • Uncoated and can be put directly in contact with food, so safe for health.
  • Hygienic, it is easily washable and does not scratch.
  • Without harmful product such as Bisphenol A, phthalates, lead…
  • Durable, wear-free and 100% recyclable!The Klean Kanteen water bottles are recycled in part, for example.


  • A little more expensive. It is a noble material that resists time, we found it in the long term.
  • A little heavier than plastic, tritan or aluminum.

Known and recognized brands: Laken, Klean Kanteen, Thermos, Green Dutch manufacture of quality stainless steel water bottles available on WaterBottlesShop.com.

Laken offers a wide selection of gourds in insulated stainless steel. Child or adult, classic or sport:

The stainless steel water bottle at low prices (10-11 €) from Green Dutch. It is simple and practical 0.6 liter:


The glass used in the composition of gourds is a borosilicate glass, thick glass composed primarily of natural minerals (sand, limestone and soda ash).


  • Natural and healthy components
  • Tasteless, and inert.Glass does not retain odors and tastes drinks.
  • Unalterable (it does not change and does not release components in liquid contact or other exterior materials) that confers that status of healthy material.

Glass is considered a pure and noble material and its reputation is not stolen.
Therefore, it is also found often in utensils glass oven dishes (such as Pyrex) or the conservation of dishes.


  • Glass breakage.It teaches you nothing but the borosilicate glass is thick glass resistant to thermal shocks (differences in heat) and mechanical (daily shocks). Its strength is often reinforced by a silicone added protection around the gourd to protect sensitive impacts points.

Known and recognized for glass gourds brands: Camelbak that makes a glass bottle in France (crowing!), Emil die Flashe or Equa .

Corks green gourds

The caps sold flasks are guaranteed polypropylene without bisphenol A, phthalates, or product derived from petrochemicals (like PVC for example).

The most ecological caps:

Il y en a 2, 2 tous de la marque Klean Kanteen:

  • Stainless steel cap with silicone seal for Klean Kanteen water bottles:
  • Stainless steel and bamboo cap with silicone seal for Klean Kanteen water bottles:

But for these plugs “super green”, it will cost you € 12 to 13 €. They will pay for themselves over the term of use, but it is an investment initially, especially since it is only compatible with Klean Kanteen water bottle.

Good choice at all and take care of your health starting with choosing healthy materials!

Find out in detail the characteristics of stainless steel water bottles here.

Find details the characteristics of the glass water bottles here.

To find your gourd 100% green, choose a shop that specializes in healthy and green gourds!