Does Samsung Phones with Transparent Screens Out?

For curved displays, flexible displays and those with HD resolution with transparent displays, Samsung smartphones seems to bring out. At least the company from South Korea has now submitted a patent, dealing with the operation of transparent displays.

As the website reported that Samsung has filed a new patent with the US Patent Office. The patent describes a transparent display on the on the front and on the back alone or even, at the same time input of the user can be processed. Transparent displays are almost transparent, so that the viewer can recognize about what is behind the screen. Also has patent also the simultaneous control of two elements on the Smartphone Samsung itself. You could control an item about the so for a Smartphone, where this technique is used, touch screen on the front and at the same time another element using the touch screen on the back.

Thanks to this new multi-touch technology it should be possible one to make completely different input at the same time on the top and on the bottom half of the transparent display, and for example in folder inside can zoom. So, the user opens the folder with the touch screen on the back of the Smartphone and considered the content without obscuring the screen with your hand. Depending on whether one uses the transparent display on the front or back, you can do various actions.

Whether technology with the transparent displays is what is expected. Definitely very impressive smartphones are likely to come next year worldwide on the market, of which some with latest technology will inspire us.

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