Disconnect to Connect

Smartphones and gadgets with an internet connection are present in almost every location lately. By connecting to the internet via a smartphone, you have instant access to your network of friends, favorite sites, videos, photos, and everything the internet provides. But there are important experiences in our lives that are outside the global computer network. As the internet and gadgets have become a part of our day-to-day lives, we can give wrong priorities by staying connected on the cell phone instead of living moments, the present, what happens next to us.

Disconnect to Connect

Disconnect to connect

Thinking about this cell phone addiction , a Thai phone operator has created a video called “Disconnect to Connect” that shows how people can lose important moments because of a smartphone. There are times when it is really necessary to disconnect from the commitments and the vice of using the cell phone, to give more value to the simple things that occur next to us. Watch the video and see if you can identify with these moments! I have to confess that many times, I fall into situations like this, and I have even regretted certain situations in which this occurred.

Are you convinced that it pays to turn off the phone at certain times in your life? One of these moments is certainly when we are in social events like bars, restaurants or family gatherings. How about this time playing Phone Stacking ? Even if you do not have an account to split in the end this can be a good experience for everyone. After all, cell phones end up stealing the attention that would be best employed if dedicated to the people around you.

What do you think of smartphone addiction?