Different Types of Fashion Accessory

Why wear accessories? As they add a little touch of personality to any outfit so basic it may be. More and looking around it’s easy to find accessories that are original while matching you.

There are however some pitfalls to avoid: it must not be your accessories bling bling, tacky or they refer to signs of wealth.

We can already disqualify:

  • The bracelets, especially those with your name engraved (or worse, the name of a brand)
  • Signet too big with your initials affixed
  • The strength of bracelets (not you are a gladiator)
  • The huge gold pendants (prefer small pendants discrete)
  • The strings (especially if you wear a shirt with deep V-neck shirt and open squares).

Anything that can make you look like a geek or anyone belonging to any sect (such as cotton armbands with the name of a rock group).

Returned without delay in the thick of it with tips for each type of accessories:


With this very popular accessory simplicity and virility are in order. Indeed flee all too ostentatious buckles (such those with marked wholesale GUESS).

So choose a quality leather belt (especially not split leather that would damage too quickly to have time to skate) black or brown with a sober and buckle men well.

For a belt to your waist you need to close it with the central hole (and therefore to exceed ten centimeters so that it passes into the first way).

Should you listen to 50 euros.

Losco offers customizable belts for about 80 euros (understand that you choose leather, loop, size …)

Winter Scarves:

To face the winter choose something comfortable and warm, try to avoid all synthetic materials, choose wool or cashmere. Having 2 scarves in my opinion is a good compromise:

A simple: look at Monoprix that makes quality cashmere scarves for fifty euros or Armor lux at Saint James and do good pure wool scarves for the same budget.

A little more original with a shape, material or color, take a look at American Vintage that every year is very successful scarves, especially in terms of color and fluidity.

Summer Scarves:

This accessory must not be too hot to be able to wear in summer, so thin, light and fluid. Check Zara Eric Bompard but mostly American Vintage.

There are summer scarves derivatives that are good alternatives include:

  • The chèches (American Vintage)
  • The pipe scarves (American Vintage, Filippa K, Asos)
  • Or the Scarves (in worn clothing and sometimes on Asos)
  • Stoles or (H & M)


Again we stay sober, leather (not split leather) black or brown.

For a hundred euros a super quality with Maison Fabre (available in Spring), otherwise Monoprix is ​​reasonable quality for thirty euros, ideal if you are dizzy to the point of losing them often.

Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings:

Very easy to be doing well but do not go too hard, a maximum of 2 or 3 bracelets fine leather, a ring not too showy or light pendant on a fine chain.

I especially endorse leather bracelets that are readily available, do not cost too much and give style without weighing your outfits or get into the “too much”. Necklaces and rings are generally more difficult to control and is never far from the foul taste.


Flee ties falsely original bad taste, such as yellow with the head of Homer Simpson.

Prefer sober ties, Zara offers silk models for about 30 euros. A tie should stop at the belt, it should not fall on the fly or flirt with your navel. Question windsor knot classic should do the trick although you can dig out more complicated knots.

The width of the tie depends on your body structure: tie rather fine if you are rather thin and a little wider if you are thicker. This width must be between 5 and 7 centimeters to be neither too broad nor too slim.


Especially not white socks apart for sport. Prefer black socks that go with everything and save you necessarily taste foul, although the agreement socks to pants or appropriate.

It is also possible to make socks an important accessory.

Vintage Watches

Subject which could be spread over dozens of pages, however I will try to be brief:

  • A vintage watch must be original and well made, so avoid all that hype, ostentatious etc.
  • The frame and strap should be simple or processed in any subtlety.
  • If you have limited budget it is worth taking a look at opportunities models with their vintage design.
  • Finally remember that it is better not to have shown that a cheap model.

The Case of the Hat

There is nothing worse than a badly worn hat, it gives an air of false cool guy. And unfortunately in 90% of cases it is badly worn. One of the most important things is not to wear hats before some “bottle” so a certain age (at least 30 years in my opinion). After it is still necessary that the hat fit with your personality.

If you still wish to wear one, buy quality and not cheap stuff for 10 euros at the market, so go see a roofer or hatter for something decent that will take time and that will be your size.

One exception: the Panama type of hat that can integrate into summer outfits regardless of age but still requires a minimum of reflection (pastels, slightly formal room for nice contrasts, not look already overload, etc.)

With all these accessories customization of your outfits is unlimited, each may find the type and the model that fits his personality.

Also as you avoid ostentatious and too cheap you have little chance to plant you. Simply show originality and common sense and do not put more than 2 or 3 ancillary held at the risk of overloading.