Designer Wall Clocks for Sale

Some people do not even use the wrist and who is asked at every moment “watch that is now?” The time is marked, tells us the smartphone, the latest model of Swatch or even a furnished house wall precisely with a wall clock that can give the room a touch of refinement, between art and design. 

Timepieces from analog or digital wall, inspired by nature, a kind of diverse objects, to abstract concepts or mathematics.There are very specific and, sometimes, with double function: the watch-coat hook, for example.

En Suspend of Diamantini & Domeniconi  is a functional object and playful. Practical for hanging clothes, scarves and towels. It ‘available in a multitude of colors and a chic version in 24 carat gold! Founded in 1965, the famous Italian Diamantini and Domeniconi reinvents the traditional watch company cooperating with many international designers. € 64.00 on .

Extreme and economic minimalism with “LITTLE BIG TIME”. Two hands on the wall, white, black, auburn, gold or aluminum by 17 Euro or so, on Amazon.

TIME2BEE is fun and colorful, a timepiece hive steel. The yellow and black bee, hanging from the minute hand moves quiet between the cells. White or black or yellow 3D wall clocks on the website to  € 225.00.


Diamantini & Domeniconi draw Butterfly, a nice wall timepiece, very bucolic. Tic-toc and flying butterflies. 130 Euros approximately, of Dalani and .

And for the nursery can not miss a design wall clock George Nelson for Vitra. Zoo Timers is a model with multi-color printing that enables small to learn to read the time in a playful and cheerful. Fernando The Fish, Omar The Owl, Elihu The Elephant on MOHD € 111.00.

“Knowing the time is not enough!” Is the slogan of Foam of Dekoidea! 3D adhesives Watches, trendy, fun and contemporary. Apply wall creatively and easily in seconds and can be removed whenever you want. 3D Contemporary, € 22.90 up.

Very cold, but very chic, it is the wall clock or digital support and led. The atmosphere is super contemporary and glowing effect is absolutely interesting. Around 100 Euro on

HORM.IT  presents a  perfect fit six solid wooden slats: Woodclock is the metaphorical plot of daily tasks. It can be wall-mounted in 12 different positions and is designed to enhance a clock with its elegance the walls, giving them life and movement.

CLOCK DELAY is a stainless steel wall clock and costs € 1,560.90, because it is a true work of art. The manufacturer is Bloomming. Design by Bas van Leeuwen, Mireille Meiji.

Absolutely beautiful.