Dealing With Hysterical Pregnancy

Posted by Citizen Dog on 17/Sep/2014-

By Alexander Rossi, a specialist in animal behavior.

The hysterical pregnancy, or pdeudociese, occurs in over 50% of the universe not castrated. In addition to the behavioral changes, it causes physical changes, such as the development of the mammary glands and milk production, surprising many owners. How this could have happened if the female or been with a male?

How comes?
From the physiological point of view, the hysterical pregnancy is a mistake. Is caused by hormonal changes, capable by itself to influence the behavior and the development of breast tissues. Therefore, so that the “pregnancy” to occur, there must be no babies in the womb.

The confusion seems to happen when sharply decreases the hormone progesterone, present during the heat and for two more months. When the dog is about to give birth, the level of progesterone, which stimulates the production of the hormone prolactin. Prolactin, for your time, acts in the breast tissue, which can activate the production of milk and also cause the maternal behavior. It is common for dogs to develop psychological pregnancy after castration, if held up to three months after the beginning of the cio. With the removal of the ovaries, which produce the progesterone, there is the interruption of production of this hormone and prolactin release by the pituitary gland located in the brain without maternity pillow cases from

Why is it common?
At first glance, it’s hard to imagine how the hysterical pregnancy became common in the canine species. But, if we think in a Pack (Group of wolves), things get easier. In it, only the dominant individuals tend to reproduce. And they both males as females, are also the best and bravest hunters.

Non-dominant Cougars that developed psychological pregnancy could handle, with perfection, the dominant females puppies, since it presented the behaviors necessary to do so, and to Carol Bartle. Thanks to this help, the dominant females could hunt and get food for the group. With that, the females who owned the Cubs approached affectively of leader and developed a good relationship with the next generation. And be influential in a pack is important for survival and for climbing.

What to do?
When the hysterical pregnancy, some people want to stop it at the dog come back to normal. Drugs that inhibit prolactin do cease quickly the production of milk and maternal behavior.

Without medication, psychological pregnancy usually finish in two weeks. Some owners prefer to take advantage of this period to admire the maternal behavior of their dogs. Enjoy seeing them embrace and protect the imaginary puppies, in the form of stuffed animals, polka dots, and even TV remote control! A attitudes aimed at protection of Cubs is digging-serves to prepare a den.

We must remove the imaginary puppies?
Some people, to prevent the dog adopt objects, have attitudes like get her out of the corner that he chose and hide your toys. Such procedures can increase the dog’s anxiety and compulsive behaviors. Leave her the will is the most respectful way to deal with the situation.

Avoid aggression
The dog can be jealous of imaginary puppies and become aggressive to protect them. Show that you will not steal them. To do this, to get close to her, offer a treat or toy. Most females want to approach someone who, besides not being a threat, get things hot.

Complications with her breasts
The increase of the breast is normal during pregnancy, psychological and the milk produced is reabsorbed by the body of the female. But sometimes mastife–inflammation occurs in the mammary glands. So, if there are lumps, pain or reddish skin, be sure to consult a médico-veterinário. Milk production can increase or last longer if the breasts are stimulated. It is better, therefore, avoid handling them. And if the dog practice auto-sucção of the breast, can be recommended and stop her with an Elizabethan collar (put around the neck makes it impossible for the contact of the mouth with his own body).