Dangerous Toys to Avoid

The baby cries because she wants the toy, screams so fast, I don’t know what to do, people look at you and wondering what happened, he pulls you, screaming and you, exhausted … enters the store and buy the toy.

How many times have you happened upon such a scene? Many, too many, and as you also to thousands of other moms, only that, be careful what you do.

Often, in order not to spend too much on buying the toy that your kid, with the power of whim, wring, it folds up toys “Tarot” similar to the real ones but absolutely dangerous. Son the killer toys: stuffed animals such as that come off the eyes and, after a while, it being loosened and they escape the padding. Toys that after a week are junk but they did risk your child’s life. A plush’s eye could be swallowed by your child and let it suffocate but, the eye comes off only from those that are not controlled by tarot toys before leaving the factory. Also the famous CE mark which should attest to meeting regulatory requirements, it is no longer a guarantee because it is very often a self, or even indicates China Export.
Here are some tips on buying from this official homepage:

  1. Compare toys in stores of trust
  2. Check for the presence of the CE mark and the signs on the importer or the manufacturer
  3. The toy must have the instructions for its use in Italian with clear guidance on the recommended age.
  4. Beware that seams and padding are solid and that parts like gears are not accessible
  5. Avoid toys with sharp edges or points and those fed with electrical outlet and not on battery power.