Custom Water Bottles Wholesale

The custom water bottles are a very useful both as a practical matter that promotional level. On a practical level for the simple fact that are great containers for water and drinks, and promotional level because they are customizable with logo, company name and slogan, making it a tool for brand awareness.

Water bottles: not just for picnic
The bottles and cool water bottles, according to the blog ( are not used only during day trips or picnics, but also simply to go everyday to the office and have their own reserve of water and drinks of all kinds. Precisely because it is so daily necessities, personalization is effective: every day someone will see a logo and/or a slogan that will remain more or less etched into my mind.

Many forms and materials
Custom water bottles bottles and allow the imagination to have fun, to create a fun, colorful and original, as well as convenient. There are several templates that give your logo, company name and any promotional message bottles small and easy to handle, bottles bigger and roomy … aluminum, plastic BPA free, PET, polypropylene: all materials designed specifically to store drinks without altering the taste and properties.

Between design and colors
There are bottles and bottles from the interesting colors, ranging from green-yellow, very fashionable, orange, electric blue. Models are also available with ice bar, ideal to store cold drinks in summer, special caps for drink comfortably while at the same time off to put ice cubes … or even with straws embedded, or with folding push-pull mechanism. The design is attractive and ergonomic, making obviously bottles & bottles functional.

Only specialized store
Once you have chosen the most suitable water bottle pattern, and of course the graphics you plan to customize the product, simply contact an online store specialized and well assorted to place your order and start spreading the brand.

A touch of originality
If it is now common practice to customize t-shirts and bags with company logos and advertisements, bottles and bottles certainly have the advantage of originality: a factor that helps to be remembered by anyone who uses them.