Creams for Pregnant Women

Striae, scaly structures, usually arise when a sudden increase in volume occurs, eventually breaking down the fibers that give the skin elasticity.

Creams for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a phase in the life of a woman where the risk of developing stretch marks is greater. Stretch marks are therefore very common in pregnancy.

Other factors that lead to the appearance of these scars is the poor hydration of the skin.

Thus, it is essential for the pregnant woman to have some care in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. One of the most important care is the application of creams to pregnant women during pregnancy. Know below some of the best solutions for the prevention of stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Prevention

The best way for a pregnant woman to prevent the appearance of stretch marks is through the daily application of creams for pregnant women.

These creams have the function of conveniently moisturizing the skin so as to provide the best conditions to remain elastic and to combat the risk of rupture of the elastic fibers due to the great effort that the skin is subjected to by increasing the abdominal volume.

Then check out some of the best creams for pregnant women, and yet, how to apply correctly.

Creams for pregnant women

There are several types of creams that can be used by pregnant women before and after delivery, in order to prevent and combat the appearance of stretch marks. Thus, there are anti-stretch mark creams, oily creams and sweet almond oil.

In anti-stretch marks creams we can highlight Barral (fat cream with sweet almond oil, Clarins Oil, Percutalfa and Mustela. These are specific creams to combat the appearance of stretch marks.

Fat creams, made up of ingredients such as glycerin and petrolatum, have the function of nourishing and regenerating the skin in depth. The main brands of fatty creams are Vasenol and Barral.

Sweet almond oil, which is not a treatment cream, is a very useful liquid for the pregnant woman and should be applied daily by pregnant women, especially those who have more sensitive skins.

How to apply cream for pregnant women

In the breasts, the cream should be spread from the armpits to the sternum, repeating the movement several times gently.

In the belly, the cream should be placed beforehand, and then spread in soft circular movements around the navel, like a massage, clockwise.

In the buttocks, hips and thighs, the creams for pregnant women should be applied from the bottom up, in firm movements, in order to prevent the retention of liquids and to stimulate the circulation.