Corsets & Negligees

Corsets and Nightie have a long tradition

Wraps the body like a second skin and has in the recent past in particular by the superstar Madonna often shoulder corsage worn and top designer Jean Paul Gaultier of designed designs a revival experience.

That is developing this piece of clothing due to the corset, which was an integral part of the courtly fashion already in the 16th century – mainly in Spain. The corset creates a hourglass effect, narrowed the waist so and stressed at the same time neckline and hip. In modern times include underwear corsets in first place in the category, can be worn as top.

Discover the wide selection at bridgat

in our online shop, we will present an attractive variety of corsets and Negligees. The selection includes not only different Cup sizes. The magnificent corsets differ also in terms of material and appealing colours. In the wide range gorgeous babydoll can be found but also delicate Camisole, String, corsets, slips, Nightgowns, and much more. The diverse materials ranging from supple synthetic mixtures containing spandex for the perfect fit wear comfortable cotton and transparent Meshware to delicate satin. The cups of the corsets and BRA shirts ensures optimal fit with preformed padding or ironing and conjure up a great cleavage especially in evening dresses. Some of the cups are backed with cotton and an especially good feeling. Padded comfort straps are also beautiful on the skin and make the clothes barely noticeable. The color themes of corsets range from elegant black with red ornaments, bright pink or Teal and graceful Blue to plain white. A sexy corset for almost every style and many occasions can be found in the rich variety. Romantic-minded women wear white lace dreams, women with a penchant for sporty casual clothing discover kits comprising a negligee and panty with beautiful motifs and comfortable cotton. Extravagant assessed trendsetters find seductive Negligees in transparent look. More fashion daring wearing figure-hugging corsets to jeans and a leather jacket or coarse cardigans. Gorgeous details & embellishments add a playful touch of beautiful linen. Bras and panties are decorated with small ruffle edges or made transparent dotted fabrics. Playful ruffles take on delicate lace. Some of the beautiful trends are also ensembles available.


Fantastic trends for a nice night

refined corsets and Negligees are the secret weapons of women. On the one hand, they provide a very comfortable fit with soft materials. And who feels emits also. On the other hand, the beautiful lingerie of course also suitable to surprise the couple once again. And thirdly, some of the corsets have body shaping effects and are indispensable, exciting evening dresses.