Color LED Light Bulbs for Home

Led color light bulb: A real solution of interior decoration

The led color bulb is today one of indoor and outdoor decoration accessories used. Led lighting offers a multitude of possibilities for your living space.

Color LED Light Bulbs for Home

Led Flash, your specialist bulbs and led spot, offers you a full range of accessories and equipment led multicolored (headband led, bulb color, nothing led,…); To help you choose from our selection of led color light bulbs, we invite you to find all the tips of our teams for the development of your home.

Color led bulb: bring color to your living rooms

Among the new generations of the lighting leds, theled color light bulb allows you to customize in real-time the atmosphere of your parts.Equipped with a remote control offers all the possibilities of colours available, you can click to change the color of your multicolor led in an instantaneous way. For example, you can move from an orange atmosphere an atmosphere blue sky soothing and relaxing.

Led headband: decorate your home in grand

Accessories decoration easy to use, easy to install and available in several models, the led headband allows you to energize lighting leds of your home both inside and outdoors. As all the multicolor led of the range equipment, banner led to Led Flash ranges all have IP65 protection, which guaranteed a safe use and reliable index in a humid environment. So you can use safely your headband led in your bathroom, kitchen or even outdoors.

Led color light bulbs: choose the nerve of its leds lighting

Before ordering or install your led color light bulb, it is essential to verify its compatibility with your lamp. Indeed, the model of your multi-color led cannot adapt that on certain media. Within our range of lighting leds color, you can buy the following units:

So check carefully the multicolored bulbs model adapted to your lights before installing.

For more information on our range of led color light bulbs and their compatibility with your lighting equipment, do not hesitate to contact our teams who are at your disposal.