Classic Towels

Towels: the icing on the cake

Cloths rightly considered important accessories that women’s use of accents. In the online shop of bridgat, we present you a very versatile range of cheap towels: the casual cotton cloth to the stylish silk scarf. Also already listed by tops regain more attractive with a pretty towel. Towels also distract ingenious way of problem areas. For this reason, many ladies wear these convenient accessories with a strong character pronounced like.

Classic towels

Are a simple shirt or a simple shirt with elegant towels to a well-maintained business outfit. Silk scarves are a real fashion classics, which are highly popular for decades. They have square dimensions and are stitched with fine stitches around. Her beautiful natural material feels incomparably soft and smooth on the skin. In the online shop of bridgat, we present silk scarves with beautiful patterns. Motifs from the world of riding with animal prints or printed chains can take well to solid color blouses and blazers. Striped silk scarves in red, white and blue are indispensable accessories for the attractive marine style. Towels with romantic roses patterns or adorable dots do not go out of style and are ideal for a feminine look.


Modern loop scarves in beautiful colors

Rundschals very popular, because they are practical and perfectly seated. They are simple or twice around the neck and have exactly the right width. Loop scarves made of cotton with little tassels, PomPoms or tassels look fresh and fit perfectly to the modern look of jeans. We carry these shawls in many beautiful colors. They be ordered also with cheery patterns such as stripes or asterisk, for example. We recommend our warm loop scarves with matching gloves or arm warmers for cold days. These handy accessories made of wool to buy customers in many beautiful solid colors. We carry also coarsely meshed loop scarves in extra long in which it wonderfully into can snuggle.


Send towels for the evening

Order in our online shop ladies beautiful scarves and shawls, which attract their eveningwear. We present in our BODY FLIRT delicate shawls made of transparent fabric, charming with glittering dots collection. Just as charming, wipes the 16bpc bridgat work collection in the Leopard print, making particularly good for black shirts and blouses. A casual cloth appliqu├ęd studded scores as a strikingly beautiful accessory for a nice evening outfit.