Catfish Drift Fishing Rigs

In summer the silures are satiated. We fish them ‘to view’ to the sounder with small well presented baits.

We practice this technique especially in the morning and the evening, over ditches, profound tightening, all types of positions where the catfish like to confine in the summer.

The sounder allows to check the presence of fish between two waters or close to the bottom (the Catfish is easily identifiable because of its size).
The clonk is used sparingly because fish may be wary, especially the beautiful subjects. Reserved for cases where the pollster shows nothing (stuck at the bottom fish), and only after a few silent passages.

The Assembly consists of a large triple hook over a painted lead or skirt of 200 to 300 g (to stay vertical even in drifting).

The line low (10-20 cm) is optional (wary fish), triple that can be attached to the lead.

The line is braid 40 to 55/100, held by hand with a glove. The hook is stocked with Canadian worms or squid strips.

The hand held to keep the line under the boat to see to the sounder, but also to give and take the phone very quickly to put the mounting height of a catfish, spotted on the sounder.
This speed of reaction is the key to success. The Assembly is driven by small drawn to tease the catfish.The key can be violent or subtle instead. Ferrer with the arm, and then release the braid and seize the cane to fight the fish.

Specialists prefer a rod to inside wire, which avoids the risk of winding of the braid around the rings at the time of the takeover.