Jewelry for Hair, Accessories and Hairstyles

When reviewing the fashion trends for the hairstyles of summer 2016, I have seen hairs disheveled, wavy and smooth decorated in various ways.So now I want to direct your attention to the jewelry for the hair 2016, giving your look an extra charm.I have chosen the best fashion accessories, which can help us to accentuate the beauty of our hair. Continue reading Jewelry for Hair, Accessories and Hairstyles

Trend Models Pictures of Summer Bikinis

Summer, Bikini, fashion, everything is connected. But let’s keep the agenda, bikinis. Yes, that basic triangle top is more so now. New trends to 2015 are already on the catwalks at fashion shows as Miami Swin, Fashion Rio, SPFW and others, and s famous brands such as coconut water, Osklen Beach, Adriana Degreas and Salinas are showing new trends, and what stands out about them is just the maximum prints. It even comes with 2015 all with hop that fall, bikinis and swimsuits-dug well full of transparencies and deep necklines, dividing between the comfort and sophistication.

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Bikinis for Summer

Now that the days of sun and beach are approaching, let yourself be inspired by the main tendencies of bikinis for the summer of 2013.


Also known as cai-cai, this model is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the tanning marks, from the bikini straps. It continues to be a trend, year after year, always appearing in new colors, models and prints. Continue reading Bikinis for Summer

What’s the Right Bikini for Every Body?

The summer holidays have arrived and many women have questions on choosing the perfect bikini for use on the beach or in the pool. The shops offer a multitude of amazing models-colored, patterned, embroidered, with different fabrics and textures. But, before you buy, it’s important to know your body type. Continue reading What’s the Right Bikini for Every Body?

Swimwear for Children

Discover swimwear for children at the bridgat online shop

Swimwear for children is often difficult to find, because the little ones already have their own head as far as shape and color. No problem, here you will find everything your heart desires. No matter whether trendy shorts for the Sapp, a functional bathing suit for the small wading or send a bikini for the lady who likes to relax in the Sun. Swimwear for children is functional, especially a swimsuit for young girls. This makes everything with: whether it’s swimming, water slides, volleyball games, or reading. He has a great fit and does not slip looks great in addition. A swimsuit is a basic that should have every girl in the closet.

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Tankinis – swimwear trends

The summer is coming and the next holiday is booked. Now missing only the appropriate Beach clothing. In addition to the classic Variant bikini and swimsuit you see women in Tankinis repeatedly lying on the beach in recent years. This swimwear is a hybrid between bikini and swimsuit. It consists of two parts: a bikini panty and a long tank top, hence the name Tankini. This is excellently suitable to hide small pads. The loose-fitting top caresses the Bellypart pleasant and can almost disappear a belly. But even women with flat belly make more than a good figure in this bathing suit. In contrast to the swimsuit, the Tankini offers multiple wearing options: to the Sun pushing the top simply upwards and swimming or for a beach walk back down. Sonnenanbeterinnen love Bandeau tankinis. The removable carriers allow a relaxed sunbath without that you later must upset about unsightly light stripes on the shoulders and neck.

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Plus Size High Waisted Swimwear Sets

Bikini set with a long tradition

Of the two parter is named after a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean: the Bikini Atoll. Ancient mosaics show that the piece has been already more than 1500 years ago as sportswear to the application.

After that, the Bikini disappeared for centuries from the scene. Only in the 1940s, he is an integral part of the swimwear. The most famous part of the trend is certainly the Dr. No. bikini, in which Ursula Andress rose in the 1960s in the first James Bond movie of the floods. Continue reading Plus Size High Waisted Swimwear Sets

How to Shop for a Bikini for Your Body Type

Bikinis for the fashionable summer look now at bridgat

Bikinis are the epitome of Sun, beach and sea. The characteristic shape of this swimwear shows plenty of skin and emphasizes skillfully the feminine forms of the wearer. Today, the design makes the Bikini to a coveted must-have for those hot days. At the beginning of his success story, it is but just that touch of nothing that shocked the world of fashion. in 1946, this newly developed Beach fashion by designer Louis Réard encounters the birth year of the bikinis, even skepticism. For two decades the new swimwear leads a life in secret and has to struggle with prejudice and dress codes. Continue reading How to Shop for a Bikini for Your Body Type

Cute Junior One Piece Swimsuits

Swimsuit with Cup A: Formschmeichelnde fashion for the beach

The swimsuit has a long history behind him: the first swimsuits made of wool in America produced around 1900, but only in the 1920s, increasingly confident women to wear swimsuits of the public presented themselves. From the 1950s was used for the production of the bathing suit instead of wool nylon – a durable, easy care and quick drying material, which is used today for the production of swimsuits.

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Curvy Swimwear, Fiorella Rubino 2016

Are you looking for the most beautiful curvy costumes from to pack before and was persuaded to holiday? Then you can not miss the new xxl swimsuits collection by Fiorella Rubino, a modern line that wraps the silhouette disguising the critical points and softening your curves!

For a few years things have changed: the more you lower the standard of the typical size of a model, most everything that goes beyond a size 40/42 tents, sometimes even so its not exactly, to be categorized as curvy. On the other hand, however, in the years they were born many brands that they know how to dress with style and elegance a woman who wears a size comfortable, shapely silhouette, femininity, with abundant breasts and a body “buttery”. Fiorella Rubino is among the brands that best manages to interpret the needs of these curvy women, proud of their femininity, and this year also gives us a collection of costumes , all modern trends but mostly soft that highlight the curves disguising the critical points. Thus we discover together the new collection of costumes by Fiorella Rubino for 2016! Continue reading Curvy Swimwear, Fiorella Rubino 2016

Swimwear Collection by Cecilia and Belen Rodriguez

Me Fui 2016, the first swimwear collection of Belen Rodriguez in collaboration with her sister Cecilia. It’s an incredibly sexy and seductive line.

To Me Fui is the swimwear collection launched by sisters Rodriguez, a line pointing to the bold side that has always characterized the style of Belen, in collaboration with her sister Cecilia, this time instead of paying just your face for a campaign of swimwear, decided to come forward with her own collection which points no doubt on bikini. Me Fui is the first collection launched by two Brazilian sisters. Continue reading Swimwear Collection by Cecilia and Belen Rodriguez

Parah Swimwear, 2015 Summer Collection 

Parah swimwear, one of the most popular brand for fashionable beachwear presents us with the most beautiful models of the new line that opens the summer 2015. Between classic and bikini swimsuits there is an embarrassment of choice, and do not go unnoticed even detailed workmanship. A line waiting to be discovered.

Ready for swimsuit season? Not yet? Then while you undertake with diet and exercise, we would like to take this opportunity to present the new collection of costumes Parah for summer 2015.There are so many lines, and all designed to suit the needs of a woman in your face even at sea. From the classic solid line, characterized by monochrome bikinis and swimsuits, prints more cool summer, there is an embarrassment of choice. And of course not forgetting the importance of details, which for Parah are what then really made the difference. Thus we discover together the most beautiful models of the new collection of costumes Parah 2015. Continue reading Parah Swimwear, 2015 Summer Collection