Why Do We Need a Sports Bra?

I am aware that it is not yet known the how important it is to use a sports bra in the practice of any physical activity. A good sports bra allows can protect and pack the chest of correctly during exercises that cause more severe chest movements, such as the race for example.

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Mouth of the Rivers, an Ecosystem Made for Fishing

The mouth of the rivers in any part of the world you are, is without doubt one of the most suitable ecosystems to catch several species that like all sport fisherman. Since snooks, shads, crevalle, snapper, etc, to crabs and morays of good size. In today’s article we are going to slightly touch the issue of which are the features that make this one very favorable environment for fishing from the banks. Continue reading Mouth of the Rivers, an Ecosystem Made for Fishing

The Future of the Running Shoes

It seems that the sports industry never stops working in new materials to offer the athlete the best performance. In this line, the Dr. k. Spoonercommented that new trends are reflected in two concepts: smart materials and eco-friendly materials. We will present two examples: Continue reading The Future of the Running Shoes

4 Reasons to Do a Project of LED Lighting

Change the incandescent lamps or fluorescent some LED environment already brings many benefits to the user, however, when this change is made with the planning of a team specialized in LED lighting designs, the results are even better.See 4 reasons why it is so important. Continue reading 4 Reasons to Do a Project of LED Lighting

Kahuna, a Kayak-Tent

For those who enjoy camping and boats, there’s an interesting novelty: the Kahuna is a kayak, but quite different from the conventional Kayak. He’s not driven only by rowing but also by pedals – similar to a paddle boat. Another difference is that it has a stabilizer on the side, similar to what you see in the Hawaiian canoes. But the attention is the ability to set up a tent on the structure. That’s right: it is designed so that, between the kayak and the stabilizer, can be erected a tent specially designed for that. Continue reading Kahuna, a Kayak-Tent

Fishing License: All Licenses to Fish in Spain

How And Where To Get The Recreational Sea Fishing License

Those who are passionate about fishing know that the practice of this is regulated by the Autonomous Communities, which are the ones that provide the licenses, but with the peculiarities of each region, although they do not differ in substance, we find several Licensing modalities, such as: Continue reading Fishing License: All Licenses to Fish in Spain

Underwater Fishing of Large Predators

Fishing Technique Waiting, Underwater Fishing In The Depths Of The Sea

Today we focus on a technique of underwater fishing called fishing lurking or waiting, this technique requires a great physical condition for the fisherman. It is generally focused on fishing for larger predators or pelagic fish. Continue reading Underwater Fishing of Large Predators

Retro Watch From Grandma’s Drawer

In addition to the usual inquiries about our products and novelties, our customer service crew often also inquires what the clock from Opas or Grandma’s estate is still worth. So the grandson or the granddaughter has inherited a clock and can do so with nothing at all, but hopes to earn yet one or the other euro with it. Normally, we always refer to the jeweler in the village in such cases, because we do not buy old watches, nor do we have the watch swatter list, which could betray us, what the good piece is still worth. Often they are pure lovers who do not really throw much more. But the Mode designer have probably thought of making a virtue out of necessity and the grandmother Retro trend is born. Small and filigree it must be flat and mostly from gold, but also the silver are coveted. What does the retro chic look like? The shapes range from round to square, but otherwise these timers have a more restrained design that does away with any frills. This retro style always comes back and affects all areas of everyday life, be it furniture, electrical appliances or clothes. But back to the clocks and as I have time in the shop and the most beautiful Oldschool pieces collected together: Continue reading Retro Watch From Grandma’s Drawer

Sleeping Bag Approaching the Bed

Quechua has launched a new sleeping bags that want to resemble a bed. More and more campers are looking for a comfortable rest in the camp and the new Quechua sleeping bed sacks are what they try to achieve, comfort for sleeping in the middle of the countryside or mountain. Continue reading Sleeping Bag Approaching the Bed

Pregnancy And Bike-Right Or Wrong?

Texto de Cláudia Franco para a Revista Bicicleta:

You love cycling, however, the news of the pregnancy came with millions of questions and certainly one of them is: will I be able to continue with my bike?

The dilemma: I’m going to be nine months without making a pedal, without doing a workout or ride? Seems so unfair to have to give up something that should be so healthy!

The good news is that you do not have to abandon your favorite sport and, Furthermore, can benefit immensely if you keep cycling during pregnancy. Not all pregnant women can ride until the end of the pregnancy, but most likely will be able to ride for a long time. Continue reading Pregnancy And Bike-Right Or Wrong?