Adhesive Vinyl Posters: New Designs

In TeleAdhesivo we put at the disposal of our customers the best products and the best designs in vinyl wall. We update our catalog frequently to make it possible to find novel designs and with references to the present day. Our latest additions are a few posters in vinyl adhesive with a lot of different drawings that you will love. Continue reading Adhesive Vinyl Posters: New Designs

How To Use a Pastry Bag

Inspired by conversations about Food52 Hotline, we hints and tips for navigating our easier and more fun to share kitchens.

Today: Do not just sing “Happy Birthday” or “I love you.” To write.

You found the perfect icing, and mastered the art of baking a layer cake. You can bake cookies that are proud of Robicelli, and exert an offset spatula like a ninja brandishing a sword.

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Tips for Picking out Bedding

Maybe you rule the impression that lately in vogue are bright fabrics used by designers in the production of bedding. In addition, many current is the combination of silk or satin with a variety of knitted fabrics. So surely you stirred the furniture of your bedroom and turn it into a temple of beauty, peace and comfort. Therefore we advise you to experiment boldly and match different fabrics in the interior of your bedroom room and not only. Continue reading Tips for Picking out Bedding

Transformers Toddler Bedding Set

Al little boy has grown a bit, it has more than 3 years? It’s time to think about how to change the crib to single. White linen change on a bed of baby heroes favorite cartoon. What kind of guys do not like cartoon characters with robots and machines? Baby bedding transformers ideal for his son, favorite characters and high quality materials sweet dream! Continue reading Transformers Toddler Bedding Set

Choose a Kong for Your Dog?

Mosquito talking you about his favorite brand of dog toy!

Today, I would like to talk to you about my kong toy, one of my favorite dog games ! A toy dog kong, it’s a brand that specializes in educational games for dog. Known around the world, kong toys are the most valuable allies of many masters. Let me introduce them! Continue reading Choose a Kong for Your Dog?

How to Choose a Good Neck Pillow

Are you looking for a cervical pillow cheap quality? Integral parts of the bedding and used to support the head, the pillows are trimmed and covered with a pillow case pads. Of all shapes and all sizes, pillows are usually triangular, square or simply round. Be settled under the head they support, they promote a sumptuous sleep fully made of reverie.

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Different Types of Floor Lamps

We love the lamps because they offer an easy and portable lighting solution. In addition there are plenty of reasons: they do not require you to hire an electrician, you save on the cost of installation. They also allow to save space, and can be moved at any time to provide light in different areas of your space. The lights also come in a number of styles, colors and materials so that you can choose one that will best complement your décor.

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4 Ideas For a Child’s Bedroom Walls 4

The room of the younger members of the family can be a stays more complicated to decorate, since we must respect their tastes, combined with the practical, and above all stereotypes dilapidated as the colors related to genera or decorative motifs that can be passed from fashion quickly flee. Today I propose a simple guide, focused this time on the walls, with some ideas for each of the child’s bedroom walls. Continue reading 4 Ideas For a Child’s Bedroom Walls 4

Toxic Toys: Tips on How to Recognize and Avoid Them

Within the European Union, all toys are checked. But beware, the label ‘That’, even if it means that the toy complies with safety requirements stringent and specific, fixed at European level, is affixed by the manufacturer itself. With the recent product recalls, multiple checks and labels is no longer in effect. At the time of purchase, you must be vigilant to the different offers. Our tips to learn how to recognize and avoid the toxic toys.

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2014: A Big Year for LED Lamps

Now, the old year is almost over and we also want to venture a look back at this point. A year in review on LED lamps, because 2014 a lot’s happened in the lighting sector. And because we believe that it goes on here a lot, we risk a view on what still may come at the end. Accompany us through the LED year 2014 and keep looking forward. Continue reading 2014: A Big Year for LED Lamps

Designer Wall Lamps

The wall lamps are the perfect solution for those looking for a glamorous lighting for your home: practical and functional, light up any room without forgetting the style. Dalani suggests some tips for choosing the right details to make your home more beautiful. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Get inspired by Dalani!

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Philips LED Inspection Light

Compact Light Pocket And Front RCH6

The Philips RCH6 LED inspection lamp is designed for tasks quick inspection. With its compact design and its bright lighting to 130 lm, it is extremely versatile. The blindfold (supplied) allows you to keep your hands free. See all the benefits.

See better, work smarter

Compact pocket and front LED light

  • Double function: pocket and front
  • 130 lm for 2.5 h of lighting
  • New battery high performance
  • LED high quality

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