Top 5 Modern Retro Footprint Clips

Between romantic, fun and danceable music, retro style is always a reference in the visual language of the modern video clips, even those that have nothing to do with the sound of the past. Next we will introduce to you 5 current retro footprint clips worth our click. Check out:

1-The Killers: A Dustland Fairytale

In this video, Brandon Flowers and your company tell the story of a love interrupted by a crime. With a lot of dresses run, old cars, bad boys James Jean style and gel-filled Tufts, the retro style takes care of this music that combines very well with the video. There isn’t something more longing than this snippet: “a fairy tale of dusty land starting/just one more Kiss mess of whole/In 61, long brown hair, and eyes fools”

2-Nenon Trees: Everybody talks

An outdoor theater, the young lady and the boyfriend, a romantic kiss and … zombies! This super fun clip of the band Neon Trees shows, very humorous, the best of 50 years in pop culture. Also, don’t fall into the sameness of a video “gooey”, the zombies will give the special touch and the suspense.

3 – Paloma Faith: Trouble with my baby

A singer who should have more recognition is Paloma Faith. It’s not just the retro style of the singer that ensures her differential, beautiful lyrics and performing compositions make videos of girl masterpieces. For example, on “Only love can hurt like this”, the scenes underwater and the choice of lead actor convey the idea of the letter. In “Trouble with my baby”, the singer recalls the spirit of “diva” the golden age of radio.

4 – Arisa: La Notte

The song is known here in Brazil for the beautiful singer version Yourself. However, the original clip from Italian singer Arisa brings an entire vintage and bucolic atmosphere of the early 20th century in Paris according to vintagesfinder. The color effect of the video, the aged image, objects and scenarios used give a special touch to Arisa bucolic feeling of stream “when the night comes and I’m alone with me…”.

5-Duffy-Warwick Avenue

The presence of Duffy is enough to ensure the retro climate in “Warwick Avenue”. The car apparently too young and the music with beat next to the soul are in addition to the interpretation of the singer. The letter complements, too, this aura of the soul present in the song: “I’m leaving you for the last time/you think you’re loving but you don’t love me/”.

We present only five clips that we like a lot and have that retro atmosphere so captivating. Do you think your favorite clip got off the list? Let his name here in the comments! Who knows we do a next story!

Information and Considerations for Choosing Gloves

The first advice I got when I bought my first moped-it was a Puch X30 and I no longer remember the years it was-was to always wear gloves to ride on it.

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