Google Play Movies Gives The Film Gravity to The Users of The Nexus 5, 7, 9 and 10

Update: Google Play Movies is also giving away the film Gravity the holders of the Nexus 7 (2012), Nexus 7 (2013), 9 Nexus and Nexus 10.

From time to time the application Google Play Movies He gives some short or film your users to retain them and encourage them to rent and buy more content, and this is what you are doing in these days for some users. You are giving Gravity to the users of the Nexus 5, winning seven oscars, starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney movie. Continue reading Google Play Movies Gives The Film Gravity to The Users of The Nexus 5, 7, 9 and 10

In-App Purchase and Payment Applications Will Have to Show a Physical Address in Google Play

Google Play you have made changes to their conditions to publish apps in its store that is not liking to many developers, and is 30 September 2014 should add a physical address.

Developers with payment applications or integrated purchases are required to add your physical address, which will be posted on the tab of the application so that users know where to get in touch when they have a problem and see that the developer does not respond to emails. Continue reading In-App Purchase and Payment Applications Will Have to Show a Physical Address in Google Play

HTC Touch HD, Video and Family

The first analysis on the HTC Touch HD, are underway in particular from as far away countries such as France and Taiwan, and apparently first impressions are more positive of what could be expected, given that expectations are high and the model used for testing is a prototype not considered final version of the product.

From the French site Generation The Phone House, in the form of video we can see to the Touch HD in action, and share opinions first, which in summary, are based on praise the excellent resolution of the device and the great response from the user interface. The camera is also among the virtues of the terminal (despite not having flash), the accelerometer leave record that is very sensitive and as you can see in the video, the Touch HD has quite gotten size: Continue reading HTC Touch HD, Video and Family

HTC Touch HD

HTC He presented yesterday officially its new terminal, the anticipated HTC Touch HD, all characteristics have been confirmed and we can see that we we have something more than a mobile phone, a real platform of media playback.

Obviously everything revolves on its 3.8-inch screen and 480 x 800 pixel resolution)WVGA), the key element of the terminal, other specifications are those that can be found in any high-end mobile and HTC has incorporated in its latest models. Continue reading HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch 3 G and Touch Viva

Day of presentations for today HTC, with new model and renewal of the range Touch original, a terminal that remains completely in terms of design, the elegance of its outdoor line has still little competition, at least in my opinion.

Therefore the two models, 3G and Viva, are basically an update of the operating system to version Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and some improvement in performance. The Touch 3G is something more advanced, has more power processor and more RAM. Continue reading HTC Touch 3 G and Touch Viva

Apps Vs. Web Apps

Mobile Internet is the future
I currently have two smartphones that I use every day. The iPhone 3GS and the Samsung i7500 . Both smartphones have a very good app store, which I also diligently use, but I am again and again that I always use only one app-the Webkit browser. Webkit is a free HTML rendering library that allows you to build a browser. Webkit has the roots at the company Apple, but is now used by Symbian OS, Android, the Web OS and, of course, the iPhone OS.The Webkit-based browser is one of the best mobile browsers I’ve ever used-but only with a capacitive touch screen and a decent, big display, they play their absolute strengths. Continue reading Apps Vs. Web Apps

HTC Touch HD, with Big Screen

If someone went through the head device HTC touchscreen in the purest style iPhone, occupying the entire surface of the same, that stop to imagine that soon will be a reality, this idea is being materialized in a new terminal name HTC Touch HD.

Aside from the images that accompany this publication and data that can be interpreted, little really confirmed information we have, their technical specifications will be similar to the HTC Diamond, but with a screen with a quality and size above the average. Continue reading HTC Touch HD, with Big Screen

HTC Opal, Do The Successor of The HTC Touch?

It seems that it is becoming a habit, filtering phone that ends up appearing on the market, in this case is HTC who have stolen information, and appear to be enough reliability data. This time it is not of any high-end model, nor nothing spectacular to have taken from the manga, I would rather say that the call HTC Opal is an update to the original Touch. Continue reading HTC Opal, Do The Successor of The HTC Touch?

HTC S740, The Diamond without Touch

After the HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro, the Taiwanese manufacturer adds a new model to this range, but doesn’t come with Touch on your behalf, but it inherits many of the features. It’s him HTC S740.

That does not carry the Touch name is understandable, since it is not a touch device, but is controlled through the keyboard. Therefore, it comes with Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard, previously known as Smartphone Edition, many much better than the professional version. Continue reading HTC S740, The Diamond without Touch

New Battery for HTC Diamond

A extended battery as HTC presents can be of interest to users or prospective buyers of the Touch Diamond, Although this is not a mobile phone that has its autonomy as a negative aspect (in fact defends himself quite well in this aspect), but can come in very well for those who need it.

By little more than 50 euros to get this extended battery for the HTC Diamond, which also comes with cover which replaces which had originally, since when dealing with more volume the new battery has been necessary to also change the cover. Continue reading New Battery for HTC Diamond

HTC Diamond with Vodafone

Ousted by Movistar in Spain in the bid for the iPhone, Vodafone at least he reacted and has been done with the HTC Diamond, one of the mobile priori better could compete with the of Apple.

In a quick comparison, the Diamond features touchscreen of 2.8 inches and resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, HSDPA, accelerometer, WiFi and GPS, is HSUPA, and your camera is 3.2 megapixel in addition of having a front for video calls, in these two last points is superior to the iPhone. Continue reading HTC Diamond with Vodafone

HTC Touch Pro Officially Announced

Today in Taiwan has been officially presented the HTC Touch Pro, also known as Raphael. The terminal is basically an HTC Touch Diamond that has been incorporated a QWERTY keyboard 5 row slide.

In Engadget Mobile already we present this model with name under the brand the operator T-Mobile MDA Vario IV, we can now show you the design and final specifications for the version of HTC. Continue reading HTC Touch Pro Officially Announced

HTC Touch Pro, The Diamond with Sliding Keyboard

The HTC Touch Pro, known in recent weeks with the key name Raphael, is a model type slider very full at its input interface, since it combines touchscreen (TouchFlo 3D) and QWERTY keyboard in a single device.

The operator T-Mobile has been the first to introduce this model under its own brand, with the name of MDA Vario IV. Continue reading HTC Touch Pro, The Diamond with Sliding Keyboard

4. Innovations in The HTC Diamond

In the video here we see the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of HTC, John Wang showing in practice some curious innovations that you accompany to HTC Diamond. Are not surprising but extremely interesting and safe that you will think to Microsoft If it is worthwhile to incorporate them into the operating system directly, other companies make the relevant copy either smaller developers will throw out clones of them. Continue reading 4. Innovations in The HTC Diamond

As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV

Personal speaking, welcome to the Club, I’m CCTV Everton, and I made this video to show you how it’s crimpa, a network cable properly, the way that we use, for DVR, and it will serve for data processing, as for anything else you need a network cable, then follow where I’m going to start doing.

The first thing guys, are you always choose a cable of good quality, preferably to be an approved cable. Is for you to do the cable to use for the internet, for use in the DVR or computer connection. Is for you to use it as a balun, this type of converter balun that you, rather than you put the drizzle in born, you plug straight into the RJ45. Continue reading As Network Cable Crimping-CCTV

Mcguider Europe

Navigation for Smartphones
Mobile phones are no longer what they once were, they can do so much more today. Smartphones are the new info terminals with complete access to the Internet, a snapshot camera, a Mp3 player and, of course, a navigation system, along with a GPS receiver. With the McGuider Europa 2009 , a fully functional onboard navigation system can be purchased for almost 70 Euros, which does not have to hide from a TomTom or a Garmin. On board means that the cards are stored on the mobile phone and do not need to be retrieved via the internet connection for the planned route. Continue reading Mcguider Europe