How Can I Look Good on the Beach

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Author Marlene Sørensen clarifies issues of good taste. Of course highly subjective. This time it’s about: the case of the Bikini

The concentrated following a request, the faster it comes true.” I recently read this sentence on a billboard. What was advertised? I no longer know. It is only sure that the mutton, who himself has made that, never had to buy a bikini.

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Short Dresses For Summer Styles

In the season of the summer short dresses have to have fresh and comfortable styles that can be used in the city or at the beach, and that combined with accessories and shoes perfect for warm climates like sandals. Then i present some short dresses styles so that you can choose which you prefer for the summer season approaching now. Continue reading Short Dresses For Summer Styles

Tips for Plus Size Dressing

They are small and powerful…

…dann are dresses in A line very good you. They conceal and are wonderfully comfortable. Also wide tunics to a narrow pants or leggings are ideal companions. Styling tricks: Better without stripes, short tops or kast-jackets-which apply quickly and squeezes the silhouette.

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Men’s Underwear

Men’s underwear, which convinces with an attractive design and excellent wearing comfort

At discount prices men’s order practical underwear in many different versions. Natural cotton is extremely durable and robust. Even after very frequent wearing and washing underwear made of this material retains men’s shape.

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Rainbow Trendy Outfit

RAINBOW laundry – current trends for this

RAINBOW is simply the most favorite companion of all fashion-mad fashionistas. No matter whether casual looks for the school, College, or recreational, or noble for the evening, with RAINBOW always most at styling for every occasion you manage. But also washing is an essential part of a fashionable and harmonious appearance. Fashion-conscious ladies pay attention not only to a trendy outfit, but also this would inspire with current trends. Underwear of RAINBOW is exactly the right choice. Discover the current wash now at bridgat online-shop collection of stylish fashion brand RAINBOW and surprise by the huge selection of current must-haves of this season.

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Children’s Underwear

We present cheap children’s underwear for girls and boys

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BPC Selection

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Female Sports Socks

Sport socks of bridgat – trendy designs for active fashionistas

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Maternity Plus Size Yoga Pants

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Push Up Bras for Larger Cup Sizes

A real eye-catcher with the Push-Up bras in large sizes from bridgat

If you have a large chest and they emphasize like anything, a Push-Up bra for large sizes is the ideal choice for you. Incorporated foam-pads in the cups keep pushing the chest upward and let they seem so nice and round. Soft iron in the bottoms of the cups give the breast the necessary stability. The adjustable straps and a mostly triple adjustable closure most space can thus adjust the BRA as it suits you best. This guarantees a high feel-good factor with a perfect fit. Continue reading Push Up Bras for Larger Cup Sizes