Prints, Silver Bracelets and Accessories: How to Use?

Printed clothes convey the joy and the personality of who uses. In a tropical country like Brazil, betting on pieces with pattern and color mix is very common. However, with so many options and accessories for mounting the look, it’s hard to know how to combine everything without looking like a human coat hanger. And that goes for anyone who can’t live without jewels, too, the kind that needs one or more silver bracelets on his wrist. Continue reading Prints, Silver Bracelets and Accessories: How to Use?

Fine Jewelry Watches for the Evening Ball

The secret watch by Cartier. A dial behind the big diamond.

If end of March will be held once again in Monaco the elegant rose ball, the serious question of what jewelry you choose to the robe arises for the loaded ladies. It gets more complicated, if you want to wear a watch in the evening. Lucky, we present the most beautiful jewelry watches of the year at a glance, combine timing and jewels and sparkly ushering in the this year’s ball season. Continue reading Fine Jewelry Watches for the Evening Ball

Graham Motor Sports

The namesake of the watchmaker Graham would be proud of the latest extension of the collection: with the Graham Stowe 44 watchmakers in La Lime-of-Funds launch a sporty Chronograph, which draws on the long tradition of watchmaking. The result is a sporty and distinctive timepiece that is unmistakably of different elements in the motor sports serves. Continue reading Graham Motor Sports

The world’s first wristwatch: Breguet

Links: Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples and sister of Napoleon. She gave the first wristwatch in the watchmaker Breguet in order. Right: Reine de Naples 8973.

To be the inventor of the first wristwatch in the world, the Swiss brand Breguet on the flag can write. 203 years ago, the factory for the Queen of Naples for the first time produced a portable wrist watch. The Breguet collection, Reine de Naples is a homage to the first wristwatch in the world. Continue reading The world’s first wristwatch: Breguet

Bruce Willis Hamilton Watch

Bruce Willis wore a Hamilton Watch in “Die hard 4.0”

The American Swiss manufacturer Hamilton works closely with the film industry for many years. So, even some of the exclusive Luxury rooms adorned the wrists of the heroes of Hollywood blockbusters. Also in “Die hard – a good day to die”, which comes on 14 February 2013 in the German cinemas, equal to two watches from the House of Hamilton to play a supporting role. Continue reading Bruce Willis Hamilton Watch

Delicate Dream in Pink and Gold Bracelets

Can you capture Christmas mood in a piece of jewelery? One can! In shimmering candle-shades, the bracelets of our site from gilded sterling silver play around the wrist. The delicate rose gold conjures a warm glow to the skin and flatters every complexion. Combined with gold or silver, this timelessly beautiful color is currently so trendy that it belongs to every jewelery case. Friends of mine just chose their wedding rings in this color and it just looks great. Continue reading Delicate Dream in Pink and Gold Bracelets

How to Properly Style Bracelets

* Sponsored post – a small story about my new bracelet-love.

I’m just really in love – with a bracelet: a few days ago, four new bracelets enrich my base coat. Actually I wanted to get only one or two bracelets, to complement my favourite silver Bangle for an attractive jewelry set. Then the Danish brand Nirbana addressed me soul about an advertising partnership, after a short search on their Web site it had happened to me. Now I’m wearing my new arm jewelry, who designed not only here in Europe, but is made under fair working conditions with joy. Because in addition to my penchant for scarves, flashy jewelry at the wrist is one of my Timeless style Favorites. Why? Because you bracelets set not only stylistically but also figured shine. You will learn how you typ – and figure just styling your arm jewelry, today in my 5 fashion tips for bracelets. Continue reading How to Properly Style Bracelets

Romantic Style Jewelry

Coquettish daughter was born in 2010, his self-taught designer, produces in his studio based in the Paris region headbands, hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, necklaces; Each of his creations is made in small series or single piece, always in a bohemian and feminine spirit. I invite you to become more acquainted with it through the exercise of nterview.

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Affordable Micro Brands Watches

In recent months, the clock world seems to stand a little head. Discussed at forums and ordered-kick is one of the craft. Kickstarter, the platform for Crowdfunding, has become the veritable marketplace for custom wristwatches, which still need to be built. When the Crowdfunding, people interested in investing a manageable amount in a product or company. If enough money is collected, the watchmaking and machines get started. Previously not.

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Omate X Companion Smartwatch

Omate X is a new smart watch with premium finish that focuses on showing our notifications

Rarely have the opportunity to show you a new smartwatch that apart from the current market trend and bet on a more conventional and elegant design. This has been one of the secrets of success of the expected Moto 360, so it is not surprising that more companies try to recreate a design that seems to attract a much wider audience.

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Different Types of Fashion Accessory

Why wear accessories? As they add a little touch of personality to any outfit so basic it may be. More and looking around it’s easy to find accessories that are original while matching you.

There are however some pitfalls to avoid: it must not be your accessories bling bling, tacky or they refer to signs of wealth.

We can already disqualify:

  • The bracelets, especially those with your name engraved (or worse, the name of a brand)
  • Signet too big with your initials affixed
  • The strength of bracelets (not you are a gladiator)
  • The huge gold pendants (prefer small pendants discrete)
  • The strings (especially if you wear a shirt with deep V-neck shirt and open squares).

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Fashion Jewelry Sterling Silver Rings Cubic Zirconia

Rings are a classic jewelry pieces

Hardly a woman wants to give jewelry. Jewellery accentuate your personal style, proving style consciousness and testify about status and taste. But not every woman is fashion jewelry game to chains, necklaces or bracelets. Rings, however, are consistently popular as a piece of jewelry and be worn by ladies like the world’s best. The ring is an excellent way to discreetly to put the finishing touches to a look and to diversify into everyday life.

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