Basics for Kids

Basics for kids by bridgat

All parents know the incredibly huge demand for clothing and linens for children: children grow impressively fast and rarely more than once to change the day. You sweat and come from the frolic on the playground often quite dirty home. In our online shop we offer basics parents and their children for children at affordable prices.

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Furnishings and Decoration for Children’s Room

Nursery: furnishings and decoration for the young

Colorful curtains, patterned bedding, a carpet with animal motif and funny wall stickers – in the nursery may go to it wild! So the little ones can feel in her own realm like pretty Princesses and bold conqueror, there is the matching furniture and furnishings accessories at bridgat online for the nursery. So, the nursery is set up in the truest sense of the word a breeze! At bridgat, there are online among others following great furnishings for all the big and little ones who want to make a nursery:

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Children’s Fashion

Cheerful and comfortable children’s clothing for girls and boys

Kids love colors and patterns. Parents want above all comfort for your little ones. The versatile offer of bridgat, you will discover children’s clothing that looks great and comes with a high feel-good factor. Bodysuits & rompers, pants, jackets & snow suits, jeans, dresses, outfit sets, skirts, shirts, blouses & shirts and sportswear, sweat & knitting belong to the variety in the categories of “Babies”, “Minis” and “kids & teens”. The practical sort facilitate the search for individual models. Indicating the correct size or choose of your child’s favorite color, you get an individual and perfectly coordinated offer one click. The selection of brands of children’s clothing includes casual Jeanswear John Baner and basics and the latest trends from the 16bpc collection. Brands of popular television and cartoon characters complement the attractive offer for children fashion.

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Girls Rompers

Girls rompers: cuddly companions for children

With a girl romper suit your baby is tightened in the first months of life. The comfortable baby clothes not keep warm and place the body of the infant. At the same time, it offers the desired freedom of movement in the kicking, cuddling and the first baby tests the young. The one piece accompany the family through the daily life and convince with their comfort. Also in the care of infants, the rompers are practical: just the buttons open and already can easily undress the baby stuff. At bridgat, you will find popular models in great quality for girls. Order childrens clothes online and equip the wardrobe for the exciting time after birth.

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Sweat & Knitting

Sweater for kids – games and fun, without freezing

Ideal for active children who enjoy playing and romping and make like cute sweaters for children from the range are bridgat. Our sweaters for children make great variety in colors and designs, as well as high-quality materials to popular pieces of clothing for each day. With the warm sweaters for our top brands your kids in school, kindergarten or on the playground are dressed and not restricted in their freedom of movement always warm enough. The wide range of sweaters for children in the bridgat online shop offers you the choice of many great designs.

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Snow Suits for Girls

Snow suits for girls – and the winter can come

In the cold season children would be tightened snugly. The snow suits for girls reliably protect against cold, wet weather conditions and allow cheerful fun outside in the fresh air. Company discovery walks outdoors with your children: with the winter clothing, the little ones even at low temperatures are well equipped and can Frolic carefree. A colourful range of children’s clothing for the winter is located in the online shop at bridgat. Discover the practical snow suits and fluffy fleece jacket, quilted winter coats and overalls in warm running. Beautiful models for toddlers, as well as for girls in kindergarten and school age and for teens can be found in the children collection.

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Jeans for Kids

Jeans for kids – perfect for small world conqueror

The jeans is considered an absolute classic in the adult and children fashion and heard today in every wardrobe – no matter how old it is. In the online shop of bridgat we offer you a wide range of fashionable jeans for children and young people who inspire their vehicles with comfort.

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Jeans for Boys

Jeans for boys – perfectly dressed for leisure and everyday life

Looking for childrens clothing for boys? Expected in the online shop of bridgat, a trendy selection of jeans trousers in many colors and styles. Small and not so small boys looking for a pair of jeans that can be quiet times dirty and comfortably. Our jeans for boys are durable, easy to care for and have a good level of comfort. Also, they convince with their cool sponging, current prints and refined details. Browse together with their son in our children’s collections and find the matching pants for school, sports, hobbies and chic occasions.

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XXL Pants & Jeans

XXL pants for boys – large selection at bridgat

Casual XXL pants for boys are suitable due to their loose cuts for many different outfits. Most designs convince not only by their innovative cuts, but they can be regulated individually in the distance. For this reason, you easily find the right pants for boys in the online shop of bridgat for each character type. Thanks to the wide range you can enjoy fashionable jeans, and even the casual chinos and cargo pants are worth getting a glimpse.

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Pants for Girls

Discover great pants for girls in our online shop

Pants for girls make the dress selection complete: you are wonderfully versatile and convince with their comfort. A good mixed assortment of children’s clothing is located in the range of bridgat. On the playground, in the kindergarten and at home or at Grandma children are attracted with a hard-wearing pants just fine. Thanks to carefully selected material quality pants withstand the demands of everyday life. A busy day can be easily cleaned in the washing machine. Also for festive occasions and special occasions is taken care of. Your girl in our jeans, tights, leggings, shorts, pants and more in trendy look for.

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Kids & Teens 116-170 cm

Girls fashion: the latest trends and indestructible basics at bridgat

Fashion for children must convince right on several levels: on one side, girls fashion to look naturally good and convince it with child-friendly patterns and prints. On the other hand, it is also, to ensure comfort for children to feel comfortable in the clothes. In the online shop of bridgat you can look forward fashion on many great deals on girls. No matter whether classic jeans, trendy tops, or warm jackets for autumn and winter – here you will find surely something suitable.

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Children’s Outfits

Boys sets – great children’s fashion at compelling prices

Children’s clothing is versatile, colorful and ensures a good mood. Sweet designs and cheerful colours make the boys fashion in the bridgat online shop favorite pieces for every day. Young kits also offer the opportunity to purchase naughty fashion for boys and even to save. With just a few clicks you will be delivered a nice selection of happy children’s fashion with young sets home. So you have for lots of occasions suitable boy fashion at hand, from the comfortable jogging suit for the sport up to a fancy suit for festive days.

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Underwear for Boys

Discover now online – underwear for boys

With the right underwear, children feel at home and are dressed for the day. Already in the morning, the choice of panties and shirt when little boy plays an important role: the cheerfully colorful models with comfortable fit conjure up a laugh in your face and provide a comfortable feeling. Your child starts perfectly comfortably dressed in everyday life. The online shop of bridgat provides parents with a selection of underwear for boys. The underwear packs are available in numerous sizes for toddlers and boys in kindergarten and school age and for adolescent teens.

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Kids & Teens Clothing

Children’s clothing for boys and girls by bridgat

The rich range of kid’s fashion online store excited children as parents. Here you will find the correct fashion for the small ones for every occasion. The wide product range includes jackets, shirts, knitwear and jeans for both sexes as well as beautiful skirts and dresses for girls. Whether comfortable and practical for everyday use, festive for holidays and family birthday or simply colourful and decorated with the favorite characters of your children: you’ll find it at bridgat.

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Baby Clothing Sets

Baby sets – magical gifts for new parents at bridgat

Discover you our large selection of sweet Baby Sets, providing the best baby clothing for many occasions. With Baby Sets, get a whole outfit, or several models of a favorite piece of clothing and fashionable versatility to get at home. A baby basic equipment is this convenient and excellent give away to expectant mothers. In our online shop you will find Baby Sets and fitted in many great designs and bright colors that help you save.

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Boys Rompers

Boys rompers – just poodle probably feel

With a romper boys are attracted to just fine. The popular clothing satisfies first and foremost a practical use: can be conveniently on and take off, and allows small children, to your heart’s content with their arms and legs to struggle. Your baby enjoys the new experiences in movement and explores the world around him with each passing day. Forward to the exciting time with their offspring and order the appropriate first set in the kids collection at bridgat. Simply adorable look our young rompers with their beautiful colors and patterns: browse the online store and let our tips help purchasing.

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Large Sizes for Children

Large sizes for children: strong combination basics and fashion highlights

People with larger sizes are often confronted with prejudices. This is a challenge especially for children. Comfortable in his skin, strengthens the self-confidence of your child. Contributes to this strengthening of the personality as well as suitable clothing. The online shop of bridgat presents large size for children in his usual variety. The jeans specialist John Baner offers jeans in many designs as well as sporty casual shirts, sweaters and dresses. The 16bpc collection explore basics for every day, fashionable variants or garments for special occasions. These include outfits for festivities as well as function fashion for leisure and outdoor area. The clear sorting functions allow a fast find matching clothes for girl and boys.

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