Casio Omnisync Sports Bluetooth Smartwatch

The latest Casio watch with Bluetooth function incorporates song recognition

The smartwatch is proving a very attractive category for much manufacturers, even those who so far had remained largely left out of the universe of devices and gadgets. If yesterday we saw how HP was already preparing its own smart watch, now is the mythical company Casio, known worldwide for its classic timepieces, which could make the leap to the new technology category.

The new Casio GBA-400 represents the first major approach of signing the smartwatch, because beyond incorporate Bluetooth to synchronize smartwatch with other devices, which could already be found in previous models, this Casio can inform us of the notifications we receive in our smartphone: emails, messages, calls, alerts and all that already offer other smart watches market.

However, maybe the most interesting feature of this new model is its ability to tell us what song is playing at all times. Yes, as you are reading, now we can take our own Shazam on the wrist, which, incredibly, there is no manufacturer has occurred so far. We imagine that the popular application developers are already working on their adaptation to Android Wear.

The secret lies in the association of Casio with SoundHoud for the development of GBA-400, a service that many of you know and offering very similar to that application, among which includes song recognition functions. In addition, through a small physical button on the side of the device we can wirelessly control music playback on your smartphone.

Casio association with SoundHoud allow users to control playback of music from the clock

The title of the song is displayed on the small LCD clock and through the mobile application can buy it if you wish. Otherwise, this GBA-400 shows the typical appearance of a lifelong Casio, with its overloaded design and numerous hands.

This particular Casio smartwatch arrive in September at a price of $ 224, so it is not far cheaper than other current smart watches. However, the strong point of this watch is its battery, then we will not worry in charge every night. In fact, we even offer a battery of more than one year.