C String Underwear

Hitting two birds with one stone – strings are practical and sexy

Tight pants and narrow skirts look great, but have a disadvantage. No matter what you wear under it, it is ugly. Women’s string brings remedy for you. This saves in exactly the right places with fabric, so that you can wear without hesitation even the tightest clothes. A string can make a woman feel good in her skin and exude sensuality. Create your special moment with a thong for women.


This underwear is quite close to the skin and makes the same much more confident women. The narrow shape is not only the high wearing comfort, but makes sexy ladies. Just as legs in trousers, dress and skirt are best. It leaves no traces and imprints. So, your curves are seductive brought to bear! String appears particularly attractive a ladies especially on men. Surveys repeatedly prefer to see their wives in the skimpy panties. What could be scarcer than a thong? With the many variations of our range, you will discover your new favorite model guaranteed.

C String Underwear

Strings provide a special feel-good factor

Ladies of strings in the colors blue, black, brown and white are suitable for your everyday look. The basic thongs are guaranteed in any wardrobe. Trendy colors and patterns provide many features. Strings are very popular especially from cotton for ladies. The string sets at low prices are especially handy. You will find ladies of thongs in the various versions.