Buy Special Swim Sizes Featuring D-Cup

Perfectly dressed by the beach and bathing – with a swimsuit with Cup D

The swimsuit with Cup D is the ideal alternative to a bikini. Especially ladies who show up like covered, love the swimsuit because of its figure-flattering properties: bikinis with Cup D share the body visually in several sections, while the swimsuit with Cup D optical provides a narrower silhouette and a flat stomach.

The swimsuit with Cup D in different designs

In the choice of the appropriate cut, you can choose between these two versions:

  • Form swimsuit
  • Strap swimsuit

The swimsuit of form of is made of a special material that clings to the body figure shaping (see A high percentage of spandex enhances this effect. Padded cups with brackets provide a firm hold. A buckle on the back or a lock-free interface allows a comfortable arrival and undressing of the swimsuit. Small ruffles and sophisticated details such as semi-precious stones or inserts in the cleavage area attract the attention and point out your preferences. Soft cups, breast feed and all-round under breast pads give shape the breast even in larger Cup sizes. The swimsuit with Cup D offers perfect grip.