Smart Watches Functioning

After smartphones, smartwatches. The electronics companies intend to bring to the smart watch market. Reports in the international press report that the demand should be high. But is that initially, the Samsung offers Apple and impress in practice? Understand a little better about the functionality of these new devices that have just been introduced to the market.

What smartwatches do?

The smart watch, you will wear on your wrist as a normal watch connects to your smartphone from your pocket using Bluetooth and also the NFC. From there, the clock will receive important and non – essential data – which means that the user can check the time, but also other data – such as current or new emails weather directly in the dial of the clock. The gadget can also be used as an additional control unit for some functions on the phone as music playback or service calls by putting his arm in the ear.

Minor problems that cloud the overall picture

According to this website, the smart watches will not be jack of all trades. This means that different manufacturers of the products are subject to several limitations. Samsung Galaxy Gear, for example, can be paired with a limited number of devices – currently only with the Note 3 and 10.1 – plus support for smartphones only be available from October. The small size can also be problematic for the company: an integrated camera can record videos at a resolution 720p. But the limited storage allows them to have a maximum duration of 10 seconds. The clock still lose your intelligence if there is no compatible device nearby. If this happens, Galaxy Gear will only display the time – a significant disadvantage, as the selling price in the US market of $ 299.

Time to load my watch

It is obvious that there is a problem in terms of battery durability. Do not you just have your phone, tablet, notebook and other devices, you still have to worry about the battery in your watch. The Galaxy Gear has a battery that lasts only one day. After this period, it needs a recharge. This was not very well accepted by enthusiasts of the South Korean company. It need not be so, for a similar device chip maker Qualcomm has reserve power for several days thanks to a display power saving system, and can be recharged with wireless technology. But when compared with Samsung clock slightly smaller screen, of 1.55 inches (1.6 inches compared with Samsung), can be a disadvantage.

And Apple?

There was no mention of a possible Apple iWatch during IFA 2013, which means that this time, apple company left the presentation of this type of device to other companies. This is not surprising, since the company has always had the characteristic revelation of products in large exclusive events. In addition, they smart watches already submitted or that are available do not have an attractive design project. So Apple can take to bring the device to the marked until your design is completely satisfactory for the company’s requirements.

Large, expensive and battery short. Who will buy them?

This question has been asked by many users in the internet forums since the presentation of the first smartwatches. Despite all the criticism, we can not forget that this is the first generation of a completely new type of device. You just need to revive your memory to the first mobile phone, remember? Imagine those true bricks that just made and received calls and compare them with our smartphones. While early releases have weaknesses – and the first one is the battery life – they do not last forever. Strong competition will ensure that smart watches will be even more functional and accessible to ordinary users.

What is your opinion on this new market? Do you think they can take the place of mechanical watches classic? Leave your opinion in the comments!