Bershka: The Collection of Swimwear Summer 2011

It is a collection purely juvenile and entertaining one that Bershka dedicated to swimsuits designed for the summer 2011, a line forms in which easy to wear are matched to the most cheerful and cheeky fantasies that still are very fashionable this season, and so here’s how Bershka able to interpret the spirit of summer with its line beachwear that includes not only bikini, triangles and costumes range, but also costumes whole and cover-ups by the exotic prints but always cheerful and very glamorous.

After all that the brand had a certain predilection for the young fashion and the most colorful and whimsical reasons we have already seen flipping through the lookbook dedicated to the clothing collection for spring / summer 2011 in which, as in the line of costumes, are dominating the most vivid colors that best represent the hot weather, combined with the collection of footwear that the brand has created in perfect harmony with the idea that inspires the rest of the line: color and youthful cuts are the watchword from Bershka.

So also in the collection of swimwear could not miss calls in a cool fashion: a band costumes are available with fancy stripes or geometric shapes, or perhaps with polka dot pattern and lines 50s, next to swimsuits models with imagination a color block that is having so much success in various fields of fashion, not forgetting the animal, adapted from the brand costumes and robes, let us not miss anything really! a beautiful collection of character to Bershka, you are not agree?