Beautiful Alarm Clock

Eight hours of sleep each night yarn are the best antidote to be fit. And if you think that sleep can be “recovered” dead wrong. It also happens to me after a seratona, but they explained to me that it is not an equation of hours, rather than the quality of sleep and circadian rhythms. And waking up is just as important … read here and “good night”

Sleep and Alarm Clock

Alarm clock

There is an equation that does not change to obtain a good awakening. The denominator always find the “radio clocks“.   It is a detail to which many times we do not think is that perhaps it is a fundamental element to find out what is wrong with your ugly awakening. A few points to keep in mind for the recipe of good sleep:

  1. Power

Often eat evil it is the cause of a restless sleep or insomnia. The solution? I personally have learned to limit evening meals avoiding the abundant dinners and dishes rich with spices, condiments, sauces. Ditto for the fried and foods rich in vitamin C, or D (kiwi, lemons, peppers, fat, liver cheese). Against diuretic beverages such as beer, and those rich in caffeine (cola, coffee, tea). If you sleep badly not to drink wine or an alcoholic drink to help sleep. The stun alcohol as a blow to the head; lose consciousness, but you wake pesto. And I go to bed at least two hours after dinner, in the stomach already free from the “hard work” digestive.

  1. Environment

I had a roommate Austrian and with her I learned to sleep always with an open window that is flush with the bedroom aired. Even if you’re chilly, if you, too, in the winter does not turn up the heat and, above all, does not “seal” the windows: a small air chink will be offset by the duvet. Buy a home humidifier and pour some in the tank drop of lavender (I adore Oil King of Zuccari , you can find it in a pharmacy in aromatherapy diffuser version to 14.95 Euros) that you will accord sleep. The feng shui suggest to position the head of the bed to the north, because they exploit the benefits of the earth’s magnetic field, and sleep becomes deeper and more relaxing. Avoid, however, the induced magnetic fields: electrical cables that surround the bed, TV, clock radio, wi-fi and close-range mobile phones are the antithesis of good rest. One solution is to get the electrician to install a switch that completely isolates the bedroom by the electric current. Not online, but I sleep well.

  1. Pillow and mattress

The best pillow is what keeps the head in a normal position. Change it if it is too thin or thick, and an excellent investment for your rest at the top. A good way to find out the ideal thickness is put standing with his back against against a wall and measure the distance between the neck and the wall recess. This is the height of your pillow when the weight of the head is placed on top. The best mattress is latex (which also puts KO mite more resistant), placed on a rigid support such as a wooden platform or slats.The mattress must allow an ideal location to the spine, adequately support all over the body and allow better ventilation possible.

  1. Good rest

My bad habit is sleeping little, with the telly on and cell phone in hand. I tried an excellent herbal tea for a healthy rest, get mixing 5 grams of poppy seeds, lemon balm, chamomile, caraway seeds, mallow flowers and 20 grams of lime blossom and fennel seeds. Leave to infuse a dose equal to one teaspoon in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, filter and drink hot. Also drink a glass of warm milk and honey induces sleep, because both contain an amino acid, the tryptopane from property sedative.

  1. Relaxation

Put yourself counting sheep or browse in whatsapp manic serves little when sleep does not come. Better learn an easy exercise of meditation combined with yoga breathing:  lying supine on the bed, leave the negative thoughts, anxiety and restlessness. Pronounce mentally several times the phrase “I am calm, I am more and more calm,” leaving that words are like a mantra. Meanwhile focused on a reassuring vision and you love: the sea, the mountains, a trip but nothing that you can arouse excessive emotions (including thinking about “what”). It must be a vision that represents a kind of “bath of peace”. At this point you take mental mink of your body, starting from the feet up to the top of the head, breathing rhythmically. Breathe in through your nose to inflate the lungs, then exhale with your mouth half open like a punctured tire, accompanying breathing with a slight hiss. Very mindfullness 🙂

  1. Biological clock

From beauty editor I assure you: there is a biological clock that marks the rhythms of the skin. While the body rests, the heart functions slow down, the body temperature is lowered and active skin a number of cellular functions to renew and rejuvenate. So it is the highlight of the night to give a hand to the skin to enhance its functions and ensure a revival in full beauty. Especially if your face is tired, marked and the skin without tone.  Before putting to bed the skin does not forget to make thorough cleansing with milk and tonic. Then, apply your night cream. Spread it on the face and neck and gently pat the skin to stimulate microcirculation. So, helping with polpasterelli, imprimi short and sweet circular massage starting from the forehead, stroking his cheekbones and in the strongest terms, to the sides of the nose and mouth. The movement must be “reel”, never taking his fingers from her face and continue for at least 5 minutes.